A Kiss to Remember - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 5 parts.

I absolutely hated the heroine of this book and I stand by my reasoning to 'why'.

Ok, can see lots of mixed reviews, have to say some I agree with. The prologue was touching, although morally questionable. Then again, many things in a romance novel are, so I took it as it were. But, the later parts are kinda leaving me offtrack. Like Laura's lies. Seriously, she thinks she'll 'save' the family with such moronic plot? I don't know, seriously doubt her judgement. And her sister is a wacko. She's got her own book and I'm already scared to read that one! Overall, I think I'll have to agree with the negative reviews here (yah, I've only read about 4 chps). Some plots just make me skip and drag the reading, this one's turning out to be one such plot. :(

Man! I was so looking forward to this one since I liked the Fairytale series so much. :/

So Laura, you do agree that it's a moronic plot, right? Really, tell me what makes you think a stranger you found in the woods, who's suffering from amnesia, to whom you're constantly lying, is yours? Ugh! Hating her attitude overall, her me-oh-so-pious-yet-I-lie-like-a-b*tch-and-fantasize-you-sexy-boy attitude to be precise! And, don't even wanna talk about her siblings, psycho that they are! I do pity Sterling, really pity him. Don't know what's gonna come next since the marriage ban is already read and ... hell!!

After reading the love scenes I was so mad! They were so good and Laura didn't deserve a man like Sterling.

Oh my ... Ohhh ... She doesn't deserve him!! :@ Really, Sterling is such a sexy boy ... I'm still recovering ... Laura, you stupid cow!! Can't believe he's going to forgive her. Arghh!!

Gonna finish tonight hopefully, just damned annoyed. Sterling is so hot *fans herself* that I'm seething, Laura is just ... grrr! I'm never gonna forgive him for taking it all so easily, forgiving the nutcase family!

Ok, I'm more interested in Diana and Thane, they have a history and I see no explanation to what happened to them 11 yrs ago. Why oh why TM does that all the time? Creating very interesting secondary characters, giving them a history together (which makes me feel like tearing my hair out just to know what happened or what could've been), then just leaves them nowhere! WHY????? I know there won't be any explanation in the end, as always. Diana should've been the heroine, not Laura the moron! :@

Ok, last few chps were quite good, I did cry a few times observing Sterling's emotional turmoils. I wont comment anymore about Laura, she didn't deserve my attention anyway! The situation between Diana and Thane was resolved (finally something!). Not as interesting as I thought it would be; I would've love to see a few more scenes between them anyway, including the love scene (yah there was one but well ... I saw nothing that I can comment on!). The whole thing was very hastily resolved IMO ... 3.5 for Stering the sexy boy, Diana and Thane.