Succumb to Me

Succumb to Me - Jaide Fox, Julia Keaton My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

First of all, lemme b*tchslap Winter for being the biggest confusing little b*tch ever and making me pull out half of my hair in frustration!!


WOW she was some piece of work, I must say. Confused, confused... always freakin’ confused about her feelings for Logan. To top it off, she was one of those ‘I’m-the-stiff-backed-prim-little-miss’ aka judgmental of Logan, until he got his title that is.

I was a bit confused about the setting of the story. Once it’s said that Logan has left London, where his family resides. Then,... well, I don’t know. But I was too overwhelmed by Winter too even think of that. lol

So Logan, who didn’t have a title 6 yrs ago, fell for Winter like a heavy piece of log. Fell and never quite recovered. Over the course of the story we learn that she once saved him while he lay on some road, beaten and half dead. They never saw each-other again, though Logan remembered her voice and name, always thinking of her as his Angel.

When he finally found her, he has to possess her. *shivers*

Anyhoooooo, Logan made his fortune by working, which is of course not accepted by the ton, certainly not by a lady. So when Logan finds Winter, he begins following her at every ball. Winter of course shudders to think of it, or at least that’s what she tells everyone, even though the wicked man makes her wet in the nether region with his looks and all. Apparently, it’s also Logan’s fault that she’s attracted to him. *eyeroll* When Logan makes his intentions known, she denies him outright. Not only that, she humiliates him for making the overture. Well, I can’t certainly say that Logan was any better in his handling of the situation. Suffice to say, they both mucked it up and formed an instant enmity.

Six yrs later, Winter’s financial situation is languishing... and you know, the ‘Ton friends and suitors’ have flown out of the window the moment it became known that they have huge debts etc. Her father died and now she lives with her mother. Winter has been secretly sitting for this painting by a famous artist. When it’s revealed finally, she is shocked... OMG, she’s all nude in it! Winter knows her reputation would be in tatters if the painting is exposed to the world since her face is very much visible, along with her overly pale looks. Everyone will recognize her. When she tries to talk the artist to give it to her discreetly, he reveals something more shocking; someone has commissioned this painting and has especially asked for her as a model. It’s paid, so the painting will go to the owner.

Damn! What to do now?

When she’s out of the studio, thinking what to do, she bumps into someone… And, it’s Logan. Six long years later, they see each-other again. Logan was apparently not here for all these time, since that debacle they made in some ball. Winter promptly understands whose work this might be. She knows he hates her and now he’ll ruin her life.

I would’ve loved this book and definitely would rate better if only I could stand Winter a bit. Logan was a jerk to her at first, but the more I read on, the more I thought she deserved his contempt and so much more! She was hypocritical to the core, which always made her confused about Logan’s place in her life, some still came out quite humiliating IMO. She does some really moronic things along the way too, one would certainly be the time when she secretly breaks into Logan’s house to steal the painting, at night, in the guise of a man *eyeroll, anyone?* and thought it was a piece of cake and Logan would never ever find her out. Needless to say, she is caught by Logan. Even after his caution, she does that AGAIN and is again caught by this. This time though, Logan doesn’t let her go free.

As you can see, eye rolls were all I had for her activities, maybe sometimes muttering ‘b*tch!’ when she made me wanna throw my hands up in the air and scream in utter frustration!!

So when she’s caught the second time, Logan makes a bargain. Well, more of a demand and a little blackmail I’d say. He wants her in his bed, 2 weeks. Let her ‘work’ for the painting. *heehee* Of course, Winter doesn’t agree with it at first. Then, she does after a period of time because, I already mentioned, she was really attracted to Logan’s manliness and his possessive looks made her wet. She hated him more for it, and never lost a chance to remind him of her hatred.*eyeroll*

Oooh, sex with Logan is super but more? Nope. With Logan? OMG, no way! But then, he’s got a title... would he want me for something more? Ummm, let’s just have sex and not think about it now.


So you might ask why exactly I kept reading if I was so annoyed, which would be a good question BTW. The answer is- I liked the sex... A LOT. LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTS!!! I generally like JK’s sex scenes, so much so, I keep reading her books whenever a new installment is out. This book had some mild BDSM scenes, just enough to be sexy and not press down on my comfort zone. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who loved the sex but Winter too (lucky b*tch!). But she didn’t know if Logan loves her or not, wherever this whole thing is going etc. She was falling too, though wasn’t happy to recognize her feelings. Then she was sure everything Logan is doing is to make her suffer, because he hates her... Don’t ask!

More confusion followed, and some misunderstandings too. None would say things straightforwardly and talk about what they REALLY want from each-other. So there were some stupid plot to force them to marry, then Winter having another of her ‘ninny-moments’; second thoughts on the day of her wedding thinking she’s doing something to ruin them both of their lives, since they never spoke of love and all.

I mean... I don’t know. Someone give me something for the headache.

I was kinda glad when it because otherwise I would lose the rest of my hair because Winter was quite getting on my nerves by then. I will never know what Logan saw in her!

I don’t really recommend this, unless you don’t care for any plotline and just want to read smut. But I do recommend JK’s book [b:Stranger in my Bed|17665787|Stranger in my Bed|Julia Keaton||110865], still the best in my estimation. For [b:Succumb to Me|17665819|Succumb to Me|Julia Keaton||24579588], 3.5 stars.

PS: [b:Succumb to Me|17665819|Succumb to Me|Julia Keaton||24579588] is an expanded and edited re-issue of another book titled Winter Thaw, which was published under another penname of the author.