The Winter Wish - Jillian Eaton My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I wasn’t fond of this novella, [b:The Winter Wish|16285044|The Winter Wish|Jillian Eaton||22400254] by Jillian Eaton. Even if I leave the story, the characters were not interesting or even likable. I had hard time finishing it, and I did after I took sometimes away in the middle.

Sarah is a shy wallflower. Well I love shy wallflowers who have secret love for heroes who never see them (or at least pretend to lol). That’s basically what the theme of the story is. So, Sarah has loved Devlin for a long time, but he doesn’t even know she exists. And don’t think it’s gonna turn any romantic because Devlin is pretty snotty and is rude to Sarah more than one occasion when she finally does ‘meet’ him. He can’t seem to remember the names of the women he has met or dallied with. Later we learn that he was burnt in love by someone in the past and that was the reason why he doesn’t care for women other than you-know-what. I wasn’t impressed with his attitude at all and just wanted to kick his on the nuts.

Then there’s Sarah’s best friend Lily. Honestly, for the first half, I thought she’s the only one who has some brain and guts to speak her mind. Sarah didn’t possess any and I only heard her repeating Lily’s dictates and following them like a robot. Yep, you’ll see that in the dialogue which grated on my nerves. Sarah had no personality to speak of. And so, when Lily makes the plan that Sarah needs to step up and seduce Devlin somehow to get an offer of marriage from him, I thought this story is SO going down!!! I mean Devlin doesn’t even care for Sarah, doesn’t even notice her, even after the intro. He’s more into the vivacious Lily than her. Yet Sarah is still pining away for him. Lily is just fed up with her attitude and then comes with this plan. Well, I wasn’t looking forward to it so I left the story for a few days at this point...

When I returned, I thought the author is now just trying to jump and make Sarah something that she’s not, namely a gutsy woman who can actually tell Devlin that she wants him when the opportunity fell on her lap. I mean NO. I didn’t buy it. I just eye-rolled that’s all. The author also tried to show that Devlin has had a sudden change of heart where Sarah is concerned (after only one kiss??) and trying to make amends. Overall, I just didn’t buy their romance.

It could’ve been a good novella, had all the ingredients but just wasn’t executed well IMO. Saying all these, I won’t say that you might not enjoy it. For you, it might be different so go ahead and give it a try.

2 stars.