Friday Nights

Friday Nights - Casey Wilder My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

When I finished Friday Nights, the 1st thing that came to my mind was I wanted more. I wanted the continuation of the story and to see something deeper developing between Lacey and Court. The ending felt totally incomplete and I didn’t like the feeling.

Court owns the hottest nightclub the area. He’s also a womanizer; new woman each Friday night. Friday nights are reserved for his dates, where he enjoys having sex and giving the pleasure back to his lovers. It seems Court’s family members are into ménage; his twin brothers are certainly into it, though I don’t think they are into a longstanding relationship. Their mother is also into the same relationship. Even though Court respects their decisions, he is not into this lifestyle because he doesn’t like to share.

It seems like the wild lifestyle (and reputation) that he enjoys so much is sort of wearing off. Today he’s looking for a new someone, not his usual empty headed bimbos. Hmm, all the Beaumont brothers enjoy maintaining their ‘reputation’ but Court makes sure that he never ends up accidentally dating any woman Cam and Caleb has already shagged. Anyway, as he looks into the crowded bar, his eyes zooms in on Lacey. The twins warn him that she’s too much work for a night since she just won’t give in like any other woman. I don’t know why they think this way because Lacey didn’t really voice any objection at all, even though she tried to act as ‘hard to get’ in the beginning. I mean, if you mean it, show it... don’t act like you do. It’s not fun IMO.

Lacey’s date just left her because she refused to sleep with him. But she’s been daydreaming about Court for a longtime, so when he asks she jumps to the chance. Hmm, again, why did her date left her? :/

Even though I generally don’t like casual sex and womanizer heroes that much, I liked this little story. I’ve already mentioned that I was interested to see more of Lacey and Court’s relationship because in the end, it was indicated that Court felt something different about their night together and I believed it. He was nice and thoughtful throughout. I don’t know what Lacey felt though. Well, if I feel there’s no indication of a future together for the H and h, the story just doesn’t work for me. It’s just my thing. 3.75 stars because I do like CW’s writing. I found Friday Nights to be a good read and would definitely look forward for more of Ms. Wilder’s stories. I hope she’d write some full-length erotica in the future.

This copy of Friday Nights was provided to me by the author herself but there was NO obligation that I do a review. Still, I’d like to thank her for it.