Kilt-A-Licious - Catherine Bybee My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

No, just NO! – was my reaction when I finished Kilt-A-Licious. Initially, I thought it was going to be better than Kilt Worthy, but the pointless porny stuff made me wanna throw up. I mean I read erotica, even with kinky sex but there has to be some point in that kink, something... anything! But this had none, just like book 1.

In Kilt Worthy, we met Chase as Logan, the time traveler medieval lord’s friend. Logan came to this century from the 17th to find his soul mate. To find out what I think of his and Jane’s relationship, you can check out my review of Kilt Worthy. Anyway, Logan and Jane are getting married, so Logan asks Chase to go to Jane’s apartment and bring back her things. Why would she need anything from this century if she’s determined to live in the 17th, no idea! Now Jane’s roommate Sheri was there. Sheri is the type of girl I genuinely don’t care for, who has commitment issues (trust me the reason behind it was pretty lame, gave me the impression that she was indefinitely immature) so she’s into no-strings-attached sex.

When Chase gets into the apartment without knocking or anything, Sheri hides. Later when they face each-other, a silly scuffle ensues. It gives them both the chances to size each-other up. Then Sheri’s neighbor, Jason barges in, to save the day but finds the two kissing each-others’ face off. Jason is embarrassed by the scene and leaves. Later Sheri follows Chase to his and Logan’s place because she doesn’t believe in the clap-trap Chase told her about Jane and ends up having sex with him. In both ways, if I might add. That was just..................... *eye roll* Again, doing a stranger! Anyway, Logan and Jane were in 17th century but they get back the next morning. Sheri was still there, spending the whole night. When she finally hears everything from Jane, Sheri believes in the time travel thingy. Jane wants Sheri to attend her wedding, which would take place in the medieval Highlands, because apparently, they two are as close as two sisters. When Sheri learns that after the marriage, there’s a big possibility that they won’t return from the 17th century, Sheri has a panic attack. OMG, she’s gonna lose her friend, along with the stud she’d spend the night shagging. This can’t be very good, and so, Sheri runs out and ignores them all for a while.

Up to this I was pretty interested. This one was much longer than book 1, and so there were more information about Logan and Chase’s life in Highlands, but not enough to form a better opinion. Chase, of course, finds Sheri out in her workplace aka a bar where she’s a waitress. Some teenager was pushing his hands up her too short skirt and almost got killed for it. Sheri is overwhelmed by lust to find Chase ‘saved the day’ for her and so she takes him in the break room and proceeds to shag him silly and vice versa. Afterwards, they have another spat about their ‘relationship’ (seriously, I don’t know where was this relationship, it was nothing but sex) and Chase’s leaving. The whole thing was, of course, about having fun for the time, even Sheri wanted it that way but when the time for the truth came, she doesn’t like it. Then Chase asks her to go the 17th century with him, Sheri upright refuses. She was one annoying heroine, I tell you! ugh Can’t seem to make up her mind at all. She called Chase an elephant because he’s such a big guy (how flattering!) and again, she thinks kilts are ‘skirts’ (no Ms. Author, just NO)! Then there was her commitment issue. Even Chase was better than her.

A week passes by and Jane and Logan’s wedding nears. Sheri passes her time alone. One night, the apartment is out of power and Jason comes in. I don’t know why Sheri took the route to talk about his sex life! Then it’s revealed that Jason is a bi, though he prefers men. I was wondering then, if Jason has been with both men and women (and a few ménages as well, as per his words), why was he so embarrassed finding Sheri and Chase kissing in that first scene? straightface

Just then, in the 17th century, Chase has made up his mind that he’ll bring Sheri back no matter what... He comes back to her apartment to find Jason with her. Chase has already wondered how well Jason knows Sheri and has been jealous about it, though Jason confirmed that they were only friends. Now, this part of the story was ABSOLUTELY LAME! Sheri and Chase have another of those pointless arguments, and then Sheri blurts out that she wants to have sex with two men at a time... It was said that she just wanted to rile Chase up (I have NO freakin’ idea why) but she kept going about it. And Chase, the moron, he gives in! I can’t tell you how LAME even the ménage scene was. It was done to prove that Sheri and Chase actually belonged together! I mean.... what da..... I mean, seriously????? The only thing I felt that it was forced, added to make this trashy thing even porn-ier and nothing else. argh!

I would’ve still rated it a bit high, hadn’t the ending was as awful as hell and again, absolutely LAME. Chase and Sheri get married alright but now they’re doing it with two more men, all burly highlanders no less. What was your point here actually, Ms. Author? God, what a lame and annoying mess! 2 stars.

My reaction overall: sick

Now, would I read the author’s other works? Not sure anymore.

Warning: If ménages and backdoor lovin’ aren’t your thing, this might not be for you!