Kilt Worthy

Kilt Worthy - Catherine Bybee My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

No, really, why the majority of the rating for this novella is 4 or 5 star I have no idea. I’ve never read anything by Catherine Bybee before but have to say, this wasn’t impressive. Not even memorable. It had every ingredient that should’ve held me enthralled: big, burly and KILTED medieval highlander and it’s an erotica. Even then, it bored me to sleep, literally. The best thing IMO was, it ended soon so that I can move onto the next!

Jane just meets Logan on a Seattle street where she was taking some pictures. She couldn’t help but zoom on to him, KILTED and walking the street with confidence. Then he, in turn, zooms on to her. This is from 1st person POV so we hear a lot about Jane’s musing (read: whining) on her flat love life, how she’s so ‘plain’ (hence ‘Plain Jane’), unattractive and how her ex used to tell her all these things blablabla When Logan flashes her his sexy, white smile and KILTED muscled thighs, Jane is like, hubba hubba, I have to do him... like NOW! Ok, I have NO PROBLEM with that but doing a stranger isn’t my thing at all. I’m not even fond of one night stands and I wasn’t convinced about their clicking with each-other at first sight. There was zero chemistry between them, just like Jane’s zero self-esteem (so unappealing!). But Jane jumps with Logan a few minutes later when he takes her in his place. After they’re done doing ‘it’, Jane takes note that things around her look kinda medieval... Then Logan proceeds to tell her about ‘higher powers’, and ‘fate’ and how they’re meant to be together and how they’ve stepped into the medieval Highlands (he shows her the proof of it though) when they passed the big, ornate door of his room. Also, he can travel across time on his wish... Jane doesn’t believe it at first, but whadda heck! The sexy thinks she’s beautiful and all the talks of fate and marriage are appealing so let’s do it baby!

My reactions-

First few pages: zZZzz

After Logan’s ‘big’ revelation: runnnn

So, with writing that is cheesy at best, zero heat factor, an uninspiring heroine and a clichéd hero, 2 stars. Oh yes, I’m reading the sequel as well. I heard there’s a ménage in that. That, at the least, has to be hot!

PS: It’s a crime to call a kilt a ‘skirt’, even if the word sexy is added before it.