Woodland Fantasy

Woodland Fantasy - Becca Dale My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I wasn’t really happy about this short free story by Becca Dale. Reading the title, I thought there were some kind of paranormal aspects involved but what this story is about cheating and one night stand, both I don’t care for at all.

Yes, Jenna was in an abusive marriage but nothing much is revealed about this aspect. She doesn’t want her drunken husband’s touch anymore, so to forget the ‘reality’, one night she goes out to the woods in her nightgown. There was no danger anywhere down the road apparently! After a while, she meets this handsome stranger. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes every time he’d call her ‘sprite’ and she ‘Oberon’ or ‘Fairy King’. The identity of the stranger, who was wearing a jeans and a t-shirt, was not revealed. We don’t know his name or anything else. But I didn’t think, for once, that there was anything paranormal going on here. They very quickly get down to the business. When it’s over Mr. Oberon wants Jenna’s identity but she’s not interested in revealing anything. Apparently, for Jenna, this one night of diddling is quite good to ‘escape the reality’. Right!

So, all in all, there wasn’t much of a story and character depth to make me care for them, except what I saw on the surface, which I mentioned in the first paragraph. I would rate it higher if there was at least something I could hold onto here; a few more pages or chapters would’ve been good. But, one thing was sure, I liked BD’s writing style once again. I’ll have to look into some of her full-length novels later.

2.5 stars.

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