Unspoken Promises

Unspoken Promises - Becca Dale My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Even though I agree with one reviewer that this short little story (of about 15 pages) was more of a scene than a story, I still think Unspoken Promises was a very sweet story between two people who were apart by a misunderstanding but still loves each-other very much. TBH, I never read anything else by Becca Dale before, so I picked this free story up mostly because of the gorgeous cover (yep, I’m shallow like that lol) and gave it a go. I’m not sorry that I did.

The blurb gives you the most of it. Billie left Treynor over a misunderstanding a few months ago when she saw Treynor cozying up with another woman (as it seemed) on the Valentine’s Day dance. Most of the people of this small town who gathered saw this little debacle. After seeing how her cheating father was with her mother, Billie has nothing to do with cheaters, even though she loves Treynor and this breaks her heart. Now, obviously, it was a big misunderstanding as Treynor had something else on his mind. He has known Bille since childhood but once he saw her as a beautiful grown woman since returning to Freewill after sometimes, Treynor wanted her all for himself. It was all going well, until the night of the Valentine’s Dance.

In the story, it’s all about explanation as to why he did what he did and sorting out their personal issues. I was really liking it so far, and hoping this was longer, maybe a full novel as I loved the main couple. I would’ve rated it higher, despite that there was no love scene, unless by mention. But something really bugged me as the story ended; the issue of Treynor’s explanation. I didn’t think it was substantial or even an explanation for that matter. I wasn’t happy or convinced by it, as to why he would ‘nuzzle’ a woman’s neck who isn’t his girlfriend or wife, even a casual lover. Don’t get me wrong, Treynor wasn’t a womanizer, as far as I felt. He’s the strong and reliable kind, plus all the sexiness. But, really, why??! Billie, it seemed, got distracted by the marriage proposal.

Anyway, 3.25 stars. I’ll keep a lookout for more B.Dale stories.

“Unspoken Promises” can be downloaded from smashwords.