Salacious Robinson

Salacious Robinson - Sylvia Day My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Soooo, hmmmm... This is a 5 page quickie. I needed one to further my GR challenge. Yah, I know it’s shameful but can’t help it when RL is intruding and I’m lagging behind my goals.

Anyhoooo, nothing much to say about it but only to explain my 3 stars rating:

1) I don’t care for cougar stories/erotica
2) I don’t care for cheating/adultery

But, I already gave into the temptation and it being a quickie I didn’t expect much...

1) The sex was hot and superr dirrrttty (because of the situation... er, behave )
2) Sex was hot and SD standard... Sometimes I hate that I feel no connection between her characters other than hot sex, but even then I find her sex scenes HOT.
3) Sex was hot and I thought it was fair for a free read.

I would rate it a 4 (or more) star definitely if this ‘next door neighbor’ fantasy was played out in a different setting with different characters (not the neighbor’s young son and a married woman old enough to be his mother).

So, balancing all these I rated it 3 stars.

This book was a free read in smashwords but not anymore. Sorry about that. You can also get this short story from the anthology “Got a Minute”.

Now where did I hear the word ‘Mrs. Robinson’? zipzipzip