Inked - Everly Drummond My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Well, not bad. Though I'm not a tattoo fan (for) myself, I've watched the TV shows LA Ink and Miami Ink and loved them. I admire the artistry and the people who do them, a lot. Also, I've just read a book by Bonnie Dee which I LOVED titled Bone Deep, where the hero was tattooed all over his body, so this novella got me interested. Plus the hunk on the cover was a good sign, though I'm not sure if he's happy to be there lmaooo. :p

Anyway, the heroine Avery goes to this tattoo shop and has a tattoo done by the tattoo guy Brody. While doing it, she was fantasizing about him, so was he. Later on, when she goes away, Brody finds her apartment with a false excuse (so typical!) and Avery invites him in. Not surprising, considering she was fantasizing about him (again) while in her bath. And, they have sex. It was a very short read (about 10 pages or so) so there was no hint of a lasting relationship, let alone love. The sex (I won't say 'making love') was good except for the later part which I skipped because I don't care for 'that' at all. 3 stars.

“Inked” can be downloaded for free from smashwords.

Warning: Not for the people who do not find 'backdoor lovin' sexy!