His Favorite Mistress - Tracy Anne Warren My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

Nope, I guessed wrong (read my review of The Accidental Mistress) . This one's kinda becoming annoying too. The hero, Anthony, is the type who'll never get any respect from me, the kind who thinks apart from virgins, own relatives and relatives to one's cronies, all the other women are good for the plucking!. Huh?! Really, sounds very humiliating to me. I don't know yet what happened to him to not to get settled but at 35 he should've. I've read in some other novel that if a man didn't get settled after 35, he was a known roué back then. Well, our Tony is a duke, so everything's forgiven I guess. I didn't particularly want to read that scene in the beginning of chap 3 and how he'd 'taken his latest mistress in various inventive ways' because I just don't wanna know that part, plain and simple. Then again, there are books where these types of scenes are mentioned, even in "Dreaming of You" and personally, it was hard for me to swallow (don't know how Sara endured the 'blabbering' of Derek's lunatic ex-mistress in the end :( ). Now, my point is, I don't like the way he thinks about Gabriella. Even after knowing who Gabriella is and how young she is, how the heck can he fantasize about her? Sometimes it's making me gag, seriously. He himself calls her 'child' *gag gag*.

And for Gabriella, she's ok. Here, she's portrayed as a perfection in her looks and less than womanly activities (she's a sharpshooter, great with pistols, even can fence!). But she is very very naive, no match for Tony (so far I didn't think so) and she thinks it'd be great to 'conquer' Tony or rather Tony's 'heart' because she's infatuated with him (he being tall, gorgeous and all that). I actually liked her in the beginning, the way she acted/thought things out but now, when it comes to Tony the rakehell, she turns all wobbly and mushy. She tries to keep up a bold face but inside, she's all that and more. Now, can't expect better than this from a 17yrs. old and I don't like immature heroines. Maybe because I'm no more a 17 yrs. old and much prefer strong, witty, older heroines (Julianna was close to my expectations), maybe like some of the reviews here, I think Tony isn't the match for her. Or maybe, it's not that well-written! 18 yrs. difference in age is just not working out for me so far.

So, how long I can take this farce is a fact remains to be seen. Already Tony's started pawing Gabriella, where Rafe actually asked him to look after her. Where is your self-control, man? If she was 22, I would've thought it's ok but ... I mean really, you're losing me here Ms. Warren! Ugh!!

If only *sigh* ... If only I could forget that Gabriella is 17, it would be such a HOT book. At this point (I'm a bit more than halfway through), I don't really care much for the story anymore lolzzzzzz. Tony is such a hunk *fans herself* ... I wish Gabriella was much more older and mature and I wouldn't have the feeling that he's ... well ... she's still a kid in my eyes, no matter the era. :/ Considering what a rakehell he was (there's plenty of examples and narratives on that), Tony's waiting for Gabriella for about 4 months before marriage was another thing I applauded.

After they married, things turned a bit more interesting (along with HOT love scenes which left me ... ahemm ... with many ... things lolz) ... I hated Tony's mom and have always thought such women should never have children. Also, understood why Tony didn't want to get married (many things came to mind here but not willing to dwell on them now). Well, I just hope that the rest stays this way.

Have to say it was good til the end. Although I thought Gabby's thoughts about her pride and dignity was correct, the 'wife-mistress' part seemed really weird! I didn't mind the hot love scenes that followed (with a tinsy winsy embarrassing scene, man I was laughing so damn hard and thinking is there any place left? hello! hahahaha). Gabby could've been a bit stronger and let him eat his own word, in a different sort of way. Well, I could go on an on but ultimately, I liked it. And, Tony you sexy babe you, what can I say ... You did make me sigh at some scenes and for that I'm glad. :)

What I didn't like was sometimes it felt like their whole relationship, at least from Tony's side, was based on sex. I really have no problem with that when enough emotional connection/emotional intensity is involved but here, sometimes it did bother me. Also, Gabby's being 17 initially. The story expanded for 2 yrs from start to end so she turned 19 (at least I think so), still I wish she was older. I know I've whined about it before but couldn't really get past the fact when Tony was 35 to begin with. I didn't like it when Tony threatened her that he'd be unfaithful if she doesn't let him back in her bed. Gabby shouldn't have given in IMO. I'd say she gave in a bit too easily.

Anyways, loved the mention of The Trap Trilogy and 3 of it's characters in the end, it was unexpected yet a pleasant surprise. 3.75 stars because if only there are a few things went differently, it could've been a 5 stars for me. :)