The Accidental Mistress: A Novel - Tracy Anne Warren My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.

Hahhhh (sighing!) ... Really, some stuffs are bothering me a lot. I don't like it when the heroines are easy conquests, so, whatever Lily is thinking/trying to pass herself as, she's just that. Arghh!

And Ethan, I wanna brain him with something. Can't he say a line without innuendos? He's been pawing Lily literally since the day they first met, c'monnnnnn! How can Lily stand that all the time? I mean, even if some certain stranger- "was far too bold, too masculine, too overtly sexual" and veritable example of "masculine beauty", I would find it highly offensive if he tries to paw me on our first meeting, no matter how attracted I am to him. I know, it's just a novel, still, some things aren't adding up.

Another annoying thing is, Lily's "should I do it-should I not", "maybe I should-no, maybe not", "do I feel like doing it-no, I don't think I do-no, maybe I do"s. PLZ either you wanna jump into his bed or you don't, just don't make my head ache with your ramblings!

Oh gawd, I have no complain about the sex scenes at all. Other than that ... c'mon! Beside sex, do they really know/want/need each-other? I think NOT! A fact that really is pissing me off.

The lousy heroine is riding a 'lying boat' and the hero is ... well, ... just a good looking hero, nothing else. I have nothing to add. They're having a lot of fun sex (ie: on the table, inside the coach ... oh man, those are hot scenes!) but I do not read a romance novel just for sex! So plz Ms. Warren, I'm waiting ... Hmmmph!

Really Lily? I'm lost for words! You're stupid, vain, selfish, immature which equals to ANNOYING! You made your own bed when you decided to become Ethan's mistress and now, you dare to throw tantrums when you hear his engagement announcement? You rage and rave at him because you think he lied and deceived you by being engaged while sleeping with you, even though he tells you it wasn't his doing but his mother's. He didn't even know since there was no engagement to be announced. What did you think? That you'll live with him like this for the rest of your life? That he won't ever marry and then keep you for the only thing you're good for! You know perfectly well that he's a peer of the realm and has a duty. And yes, didn't he offer marriage after the first time (on whatever ground) and you vigorously refused? Gawd! And speaking of being deceived, how can you scream at him, accuse him when you yourself are the worst deceiver of them all, lying through your teeth about your identity. So, no, I have no sympathy for you, for your current state of being and the problems you're facing because you deserve it! Lord, never have I read a more awful heroine! Well, maybe a few but very few, and must say, Lily takes the prize!

Poor Ethan, he's a moron for sure. I wouldn't sympathize with him either since they actually deserve each-other as well. Except for the sex scenes, so far this was a waste of time too and proving to be almost as annoying as The Wedding Trap.

I think I'll increase a star for Rafe and Julianna, they were soooooo much better and likable. Hopefully will finish today and be done with it!

I knew what it'd get so here it is, a solid 2 (thank you Lily, all the credit goes to you). No more comments. I couldn't believe (well, I should've) that Ethan actually forgave everything she'd done. Amazing!! :@

Only hope Anthony and Gabriella proves to be a better couple. Don't know, heard there's a HUGE age difference. :/