The Husband Trap - Tracy Anne Warren My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

My 1st Tracy Anne Warren novel. Yet to feel it but I wanna see how the deception is revealed. Doesn't Violet's name differ from Jeannette's? Is the marriage still valid? Jeannette is so vain, self-centered and irritating that just memorizing the spelling of her name is a chore for me! I'm not really looking forward for her book. And what of the parents, specially the mother? How can she prefar one girl over the other? Really, what kinda mother is she? Finally, Adrian can't say a line without 'my dear' which is becoming annoying. I thought he'd be hotter, steamier ... I really love his name. Hmmph!

Ok, annoying points:

#1. How could she manage to do it for so long? How could she take it when he'd call out her sister's name when they made love?

#2. How could the deception go on for such a long time, with two people, who although twins, got such different personalities?

Now, after the deception was revealed things got pretty interesting and I was hooked. I liked it in the end though there were times I wanted to kick Adrian and to shake Violet throughly for many things, mostly because she lacked confidence and because I thought she was smart enough to handle her vain, pesky twin. Then again, I hated her family, they're no family at all so I could see where all those insecurities were coming from. I understood. Ultimately, they did manage to steal into my heart. I wish things heated up from the start and that we had more character exploration, also wish the end wasn't so abrupt. I was actually surprised that it was finished because I expected an epilogue or something lolz. A 3.75 for me.

I have no sympathy for Jeannette, I don't even think she deserves her own book but I'll read it anyway. First of course it's the part of the series. I always try not to skip a book and judge after reading it myself. Also, I wanna know how her book goes. I don't think I'll like her a bit unless she reforms herself to a new level, which is something to be seen...

PS: If TAW wrote the word 'curl' 10, even 15 times in a 300 page book, the word doesn't necessarily make 'her favorite verb in this ENTIRE DAMN PLANET'! So, plz, get a life and leave this genre to us.