The Wife Trap - Tracy Anne Warren My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

Truth be told, didn't quite expect to enjoy it this much given Jeannette's tantrums, mood swings and mischief fit for a 7 yrs. old but somehow she isn't quite the evil I so sensed in her in THT, not yet at least. On the other hand, another reason might be Darragh, I fell for him the moment I met him, he is so witty and sweet. So, couldn't put the book down, at least read 7 chaps before I was done with a headache lolz. It should've been grating to see her being insanely childish about the starting of early morning construction work in her cousin's house which is supposedly ruining her sleep, since she never rises before 10am. Darragh foiling all her usual attempts to bend things her way with his wit and cunning is a pleasure to read. I also see some vulnerabilities in Jeannette and Darragh might be the right person to handle her, so far he has impressed me quite a lot. ;)

I'm still to find anything particularly dislikable as I was afraid I would. TAW has definitely improved her narrative in this book, which is quite flowing now. Wanna find out how things turn out for them.

Well, loving it, really. Of course, there were times I was rolling my eyes so often at Jeannette that I thought they're gonna pop out but ultimately, I wasn't bored or too irritated by her. I have no idea how or why! Maybe because though time and again she threw tantrums and acted like a kid, there are sides of her I'm starting to like. Or maybe I'm just relieved that she hasn't turn out to be the b*tch she was in The Husband Trap. I actually felt for her in some cases, all those insecurities about trust and stuff. She's just confused. Her upbringing is another matter I had to consider.

Now, what can I say about Darragh, he's just what I hoped him to be. I'm loving everything about him and how he'd done what he had to do to 'teach' Jeannette of what life and their relationship/marriage is truly about. I didn't exactly support his lies/deception but of course, I understood what he's trying to do. I did have objections to how he tried to 'make' Jeannette tell him she loves him and then, try to use it the next day. I was kinda pissed there. Love scenes were marvelous BTW.

I mostly had no problems with the progression of the story until the Toad came back. Yah, that's what I think of him lolz. Nasty guy. I keep on thinking how dare he? And, how could Jeannette let him in their house after what she and Darragh had together? After what the guy did to her? That would've been reason enough to kick the bastard out ... Hmmm!

I'm almost finished and still hooked. :)

No epilogue in this one as well, so the ending felt abrupt. Otherwise, I loved it 'til the end. I loved Violet and Adrian, Jeannette's conversations with Violet ... Darragh's coming back just when she was packing to go back to him. It's a 4 star for me simply because I really enjoyed it (something I never expected from this book), flaws and all. :)