Song in Loneliness: A Poem with Music. Singstimme und Klavier. - My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Lisa Kleypas. My overall rating is based on these two.]

"Mad Earl's Bride", Loretta Chase

This novella is about one of Jessica's (heroine of "Lord of Scoundrels") cousins, Dorian. He was very briefly mentioned in "The Last Hellion". Anyway, the story is about this so-called curse, 'sins of flesh' as they call it, partial to the family. Dorian's mother loved to defied all conventions and was an adulteress. I don't remember why he was called 'mad' but it seems he was plagued by nightmares or something. Since Dorian's mother, before passing away, had such problems, he thought he'd inherited the same madness too. Then he meets Gwen, a female doctor, who I guess later makes him come to terms with his troubles. I have to re-read this one to do a full review.

Some random thoughts:

Reading the novella by Loretta Chase. The plot sounds as mad as the so-called 'mad' Earl lolz. Sins of flesh indeed! And, the heroine sounds really cold. Ok, LC knows how to pull an utterly insane plot through so lets see...

Well, the novella was 'mad' indeed, felt too rushed up. Then again, novellas are supposed to be like that I guess. Ok, it wasn't bad, I admired Gwen's courage. I don't know about Dorian except I like the name! :p Now, if it was a full novel with lots of explorations, well, then I might've had something more to talk about. I'll have to read Lisa Kleypas's novella too, since I heard there's some mention of Mr. Craven there. :D

A 3 star. :)

"Promises", Lisa Kleypas

Read this one a few months after the Loretta Chase novella...

4 stars for Lisa Kleypas's "Promises". Although I think I've read it some time before but doesn't matter, read it again today (I had this feeling that I knew some of the scenes :s) ... Lidian was fell in love with a man named Chance and been waiting for him for a yr since he went away to 'experience more of life'. She'd been waiting but her mother, who is concerned, asks her to give up this hopeless cause and look for a husband. But, Lidian is too much in love with Chance to give it a thought. She goes to balls and parties but only because her mother forces her to. It was in one of those balls Eric saw her, while he was there with his younger sister Dolly. Eric is immediately attracted to Lidian, even before meeting her. Dolly explains that Lidian is in love with someone else. Then, Dolly and Lidian met, so does Eric. Next day, Eric sends her flowers, Lidian's mother, Elizabeth is excited beyond words while Lidian doesn't know what to think. She hopes he'd call soon, but he doesn't. Even though she wasn't supposed to be annoyed and a bit deflated, Lidian is that because not matter what, she was attracted Eric herself.

Then they attend a ball where she sees Eric again. She is again, annoyed (funny, she's trying so hard not to feel anything). Then Eric finds her alone in a parlor and kisses her and tells... no, promises her, he'll make her forget him (ooh!). Lidian is now daydreaming away about Eric and his kisses. It seems like, Elizabeth and Eric's mother, Julia are friends, so when they go to London, the Countess invites them to stay in their house instead of letting one. Here, another little secondaey romance stars to bloom between Elizabeth and Eric's widower uncle, Garrett. I wanted to know about this one too, their interactions were very interesting. There were funny scenes as they took instant dislike to each-other.

Eric goes to Craven's (ooooooh Derek, my baby was mentioned here, even if briefly) and makes inquiry on Chance. And, he finds him, the a$$ totally forgot about Lidian, since he really didn't mean the false stuffs he said to her one yr ago. Eric is disgusted and informs Lidian about it. She, of course, doesn't believe him. She can't even believe that Chance was back but never called on her. She slips iut later to find Chance at Craven's. Find him she does and understands where their relationship stands now (you can guess!). Eric finds a heartbroken Lidian in front of Craven's and barely rescues her from an accident. Then they have this trip together in Vauxhall and had a grand time. Afterwards, Eric would call on her regularly. Chance made no efforts to contact with her, nor did Lidian expected him to.

Dollie, Eric and Lidian attends another ball where Dolly and Lidian take part in a treasure hunting game. Chance finds her alone while she was looking for the treasure. Eric comes in and saves her. Later on they exchange ILUs and convinced me of their feelings, too. Things were going well, Elizabeth and Garrett forms a solid friendship in between. Then all of them goes for a picnic where Chance kidnaps Lidian...

Anyways, I loved Eric and Lidian's instant chemistry. This deserved to be a full book, would've love to see more character explorations, more of the story itself, not to mention more Eric! :p All right, another good LK read and of course, little glimpse of Mr. Craven ... ummm, Derek! *sigh*