Waltz of Seduction

Waltz of Seduction - Natasha Blackthorne

My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Waltz of Seduction is a novella by Natasha Blackthorne. I thought of trying one of NB’s stories, and the blurb of this one drew me in. I do love a good married couple story, more so when they’re secretly in love with one another, as Colin and Sara were in this one.

Colin and Sara have been married for some months now but as I can see, they didn’t really connect well. Colin had some reservation about his ‘animal lust’ as he called it, and thinks (because of some incident that concerns his elder sister, though I thought the explanation of that part was kinda vague) that this kind of lust should be kept in check with his dainty wife. The general idea of married men keeping mistresses for their lust and wives to bear their heirs is something that never appealed to Colin, more so after he met and married Sara. She’s the daughter of a wealthy merchant and Colin, even though the son of a Duke, needed money. But this has nothing to do with Colin’s choice of Sara because he has been smitten with her ever since he saw her... but Sara, she doesn’t know any of these. She always thought Colin married her for her money, since she thinks she’s plain whereas Colin is oh-so-gorgeous and makes her light-headed. Needless to say, Sara is more than halfway in love with her husband

Since they never talked about these things, both are miserable. The opening scene, where they were about to leave for a ball, shows you just how much. Sara wants Colin to be more attentive to her, and so she’s trying out new styles to capture his attentions. But it seems like Colin is annoyed... which, in reality, he’s not. On the contrary, Colin is so hard that he’s scared of doing something bad (read: rough) to his delicate wife. I think you can see the kind of mess they were into. Later though, after the ball, Colin decides it’s time to do something about this situation. He doesn’t want to find another woman so slake his lust (which I found sweet), yet he doesn’t want to inconvenience Sara by visiting her more often (which is exactly what Sara wants, mind you… lol)

I felt for these two and did laugh a little and shook my head; the misery of being under misapprehension when they both wanted each-other equally. Colin had an idea later, which was, to teach Sara how to waltz. I found the waltzing sessions entertaining, since most of the times they led to... erm... ummm you-know-what. These sessions brought them closer and they were opening up to each-other. Sex was super, I must say. I only wish there were a few more chapters to build up their emotional connection a bit more. Overall, an enjoyable read. I’ll definitely check out NB’s other stories.

3.5 stars.