The Blind Cupid

The Blind Cupid - Karyn Gerrard

My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

If you know me, you’ll know that I have a super weak spot for gigolo heroes and I tend to be verra interested in any book where there is one. This is why I was anticipating this story since I heard of it. But The Blind Cupid was wayyyyy too short for me. *sigh* I was enjoying it but things felt too rushed and a bit unbelievable at the end.

We don’t really know much about Anne or Desmond, the heroine and the hero of the story. Anne is a spinster and needed a night of hot lovin’ and so, she hires Desmond. This hiring-the-escort thingy comes recommended from another spinster of her acquaintance who has also done the same thing. I wasn’t sure if Desmond was the guy though (I sure hope not!!).

The brothel, The Blind Cupid where Desmond works is highly in demand and Desmond specializes in erm... spinsters and elderly ladies. Well, I have no idea what to say to that but feeling sorry for him. He hates this, and yet, he has no other choice. Questions arise, why not? It seems like Desmond was trained from a very early age for this; to sell his body. He had no one but a really pretty boy. Someone took the opportunity to use this to his advantages. Horrible and heart tugging childhood Desmond had, and there wasn’t anyone to save the poor guy. Desmond had no other skill and so he stuck to prostitution. He feels guilty and sick of this by now, but he knows he can’t live a different lifestyle. There’s just none for him.

So this day, he’s here for his ‘assignment’, and as usual, not feeling up to it emotionally. But he’s got a spinster to f*ck and soldiers himself for the job. From then on, things rush. His introduction with Anne was largely unremarkable, until she told him that she’s not a virgin. Huh? Desmond is momentarily taken aback! Honestly, I was laughing at this part and Desmond’s reactions. I was also feeling a little hot and bothered by the mention of him... erm, big love-machine. I mean BIG!! Passion by Lisa Valdez, anyone?? *heehee* that book is one of my most addictive guilty pleasures to date!).

I think though, the best part of the story was Anne’s reaction to Desmond’s dirty language (among other things), when the prim and proper spinster:

She smoothed her skirt. “You may f*ck me in front of the fire—to start.”

Damn! Anne, you go girl!! Woohooo!!! :D

Sex was pretty hot with light bondage, though I was a bit confused about how Anne accommodated Desmond so soon. Then, before I could count to ten, the story ends.

‘Nooooo!’- was my reaction to that. I mean, I was just getting into the story, wanted to see this relationship grow a bit and it could’ve, with some angst and more love scenes and banters between Anne and Desmond. Just too short. Grr!

3.5 stars.