Improper Pleasure (Spice Briefs) - Charlotte Featherstone My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

This short story/novella by Charlotte Featherstone disappointed me, specially when I understood this is Adrian's (the artist from [b:Forever Yours|5437009|Forever Yours|Charlotte Featherstone||5504595]) book. I was very interested since I was intrigued by him but sadly, it didn't make me happy. No, it wasn't badly written or anything but I wanted more, MORE! I wanted to know some more of the background information on both Adrian and Amelia since the premise of master and servant falling in love is so different from the usual HR themes.

The beginning of the story was really interesting. Every Tuesday, Amelia, in disguise, would go to a cemetery and somehow Adrian, who's the Earl of Wallace, found himself there as well (how?). He felt some connection with the veiled woman who sat amongst the tombstones and wanted to know her better. And, then they come face to face and had an interlude ... which was hot BTW. Even then I didn't know who Amelia was, only that she didn't want to reveal her identity to Adrian. But later on, when I learned about her identity, it's revealed that Adrian knew all the while who it was! Then, his sister, Lady Sophie asked him to give Amelia up, knowing it'll never be. And I had questions, lots and lots of them! Like, who actually is Amelia? How come Adrian fell for her so hard, knowing she's just a servant? There are some reasons stated but I wanted more explanations.

Then, of course, in the end they gave into their desires. So, was Amelia becoming his mistress or would he have married her later on? I know, earls don't marry their servants but the way Adrian saw her and felt for her, I hoped for something different and yes, some answers. From whatever I read, Amelia wasn't a virgin, I even had questions there too ... Was it a husband? Another lover? But, from Amelia's musings it felt like Adrian is her first ... I mean I don't know, it felt so mixed-up.

So, overall, just too many questions for my liking. The story had great potentials IMO. A 3 star.