The Bride of Larkspear - Sherry Thomas My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

“The Bride of Larkspear” by A Gentleman of Indiscretion was fantastic. This gentleman just made me all hot and bothered, and then, also made me squirm and laugh at the same time. I’m so please to report that this short erotica made me a very happy woman. You might not find plot depth, per say, because it wasn’t meant for something like that. The Bride of Larkspear: A Fitzhugh Trilogy Erotic Novella was all about the raw fantasies of Hastings aka David about Helena. His love letter to her, meant to convey what he couldn’t speak out loud.

For those who don’t know, “The Bride of Larkspear” is a part of ST’s Fitzhugh Trilogy, a story within the story. Its manuscript was handed over to Helena by David on book 2, Ravishing the Heiress for publication, though I never really thought ST would publish it separately. This novella plays a vital role in David and Helena’s relationship in Tempting the Bride. I have some very fond memories of the trilogy wherever this erotic story was involved. I don’t really care what others thought about the whole matter but I was impressed beyond words and ended up thinking,what a gesture!

David is a masterful artist (and a sexy sexy man too), who has a very fertile imagination; dirty ones, good ones you name it. *winkwink* An example of the former you’ll find in this story. David also writes and illustrates children’s short story. Tempting the Bride has some beautiful scenes describing his drawings for children and for his daughter Bea. Anyway, the only thing this novella missed IMO was the erotic sketches done by David, that were supposed to have accompanied the story. Even without those, I had NO PROBLEM knowing what was going on in his head though and I enjoyed every freakin’ moment of it!

If you’ve read David and Helena’s relationship as it was narrated in the trilogy, you’ll see the comparisons and the similarities in this story. Lord Larkspear marries his bride without her consent. His bride has been in love with a man who can’t be of any good to her and made mistakes that lead to this marriage to save her reputation. But Larkspear himself has been in love with his bride forever, since before their marriage. His lady, of course, never gave a sh*t about him, or so she has always showed him up front. Now that they’re married, howbeit reluctantly, it goes without saying that sparks still fly. Larkspear still lusts after her like a loco, loves her with a brimful of heart. Even though it’s his bride wants him in her bed, on the outside of it, she is a b*tch of the first order, always taunting him, throwing barbs at him, demeaning him. It’s as if she lives to torment him and he likes to fight back just as dirtily... fights that apparently lead to some naughty games.

Wouldn’t you want to know what Larkspear does to ‘convince’ his bride of his love?


The story has some superbly hot sex scenes, and every time I remembered that this was David writing his fantasies, I got... umm, as I said, hot and bothered. Lol But this story also portrayed the yearning of a soul, trying to reach out to his love of life and scenes that connects you with his yearnings. There were some beautiful scenes too that touched my heart (with Larkspear’s dog Grisham and the scene where he tells a tale to his bride, of a country named Pride and the meaning behind it). I couldn’t help but feel for David. If you’ve read my review of Tempting the Bride, you’ll know that I loved that book, mainly because I fell madly in love with David. So there was no way I wasn’t going to love this erotic novella that is essentially all him.

ST exceeded my expectations I must say. I already knew she can write something fierce but she passed gracefully with the sexy love scenes and Larkspear/David’s dirty talk (gosh, those were just... yum!) that I crave in an erotica. My verdict, ultimately, was that ST should definitely write some erotic romances someday, especially EHR, since IMO these days, it’s hard to find excellent writers/stories of this genre. Trust me, I’ve tried many authors, and can count the names of the very few I genuinely adored.

4.5 hot stars from me! *sigh*