Timeless Love

Timeless Love - Karyn Gerrard

My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I enjoyed Timeless Love quite a lot. Not only the hero, Joey, was a lovesick little puppy (er, maybe not puppy lol) but I found the story more emotional for some reasons. It was hot and sweet at the same time.

If you read book 1, you’ll know that in 1821, a carriage carrying four passengers travels through time while struck by lightning. All the passengers were travelling to Truro of Cornwall, England. While in book 1, one of the passengers, Jerrod, found his true love in a 21st century Canada, in a woman named Sandra, Catherine, another passenger lands in the 1969 Canada; in front of a ‘leg breaker’ called Joey nonetheless! Catherine was running away from an unwanted marriage when all these happen. She went through the same darkness and confusion just as Jerrod. The bustles of the modern city scared and confused Catherine, and I can only imagine how terrible it was for her when she faints in front of Joey.

Joey, on the other hand, has nothing; neither a future to talk about, nor a lasting bond with anyone. Joey was abandoned as a child and grew up in an orphanage. His only father figure is the man for whom he works; a criminal of sort. Joey’s work is to collect money for him, and beat up anyone who doesn’t. I’m not entirely sure but the profession wasn’t anything legal, no doubt about that! Joey lives lonely and he’s lonely to the bone. Short term flings are all he can talk about women and other than that, there’s nothing much in his life but his job. So when Catherine’s carriage lands in front of him, he’s also baffled about what to do. But he takes her home anyway.

Catherine begins to grasp her surroundings with Joey’s help. She also found her rescuer a good man. I did love Joey, no doubt about that. He was essentially a caring, sweet guy, for all his gangsta ways. Lol One line from him stuck with me particularly and I’ll quote:

“She lowered her head.
"Joey, I want to thank you for taking me into your home and looking after me. You did not have to do this. You are very chivalrous and I am deeply grateful."
Her tone wasn't snooty and she sounded almost humble. He reached across the table and with his finger lifted her chin so she looked right at him.
"Babe, I don't have much but what I do have I'll share. Now eat up like a good girl.”

Now I don’t understand a lot of the terms used in here, that probably were used in the 60s, so sometimes I was at a loss just as Catherine was. But Joey was ever patient with her and explained it all. He also believed Catherine totally, mostly because he saw the carriage land before him from out of the blue. They form a bond from day one, which very soon becomes something deeper. Joey never felt close to anyone as he does with Catherine. Catherine on the other hand is pretty impressed with his manly good looks and sweet ways.

After liking half the book, there was some stuff I found unnecessary. One was that scene where Catherine suddenly asks about the women he ‘fornicated with’ and ‘how many of them he did’ etc. It didn’t go with the tone of the moment and somehow I found the scene forced. She might be curious, being attracted to him but this just wasn’t good. Then there were the words of a sexual ingénue, which I found exasperating and hilarious at the same time. While they were talking about sex (and Joey very clinically trying to give her some vocal education), she asks:

"Can people f*ck like the horses? Is it possible?"

Don’t even ask! *facepalm*

This part of the story is the only thing I didn’t like. But, this also egged their relationship on to the next level. Joey knew he was already falling, and he wanted Catherine anywhere, everyday, anyhow. Love scenes were hot and very passionate. And as Joey understood that he has fallen, he begins to get scared of a life without Catherine because somehow, she was very sure that she’d return to her time, and the carriage was the link to everything. She was determined to try at least once.

Joey’s vulnerability was honest and sad. For the first time in his lonely life he found someone he can value, and he’s not sure he can keep her. Also, he wasn’t sure about Catherine’s feelings towards him. It made me horribly sad for him. But Catherine felt the bond... I couldn’t entirely blame her for wanting to go back. This isn’t really her life and she has her parents there... Very heart-tugging situation.

I also kinda guessed the solution to their problem in this story, especially when Joey started having trouble with his employer. Someone would either leave or stay... I wish I could see a bit more of their lives afterwards.

In the end, loved these lines from Joey:

He hugged Cathy tighter. "I love you. You're my soul, the music in my heart. I don't care where or when we are, as long as we're together. I cherish you, babe."


4 stars.

So what happened to the other two passengers? Would we see their stories sometimes in the future? I’m kinda interested; at least about the other sexy guy Catherine was admiring (Aidan?), apart from Jerrod. lol