His at Night - Sherry Thomas My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

This book is definitely different from the other 3, this one's hilarious in many places, there aren't any flashbacks (yet). It's taking place 4 yrs after Camden and Gigi's story.

Spencer aka Penny (c'mon! :p) aka Lord Vere is Freddie's older brother, a fact I actually didn't get until the talks of Lady Tremaine (Gigi) came into the book. I thought this one's a total stand alone, except a little mention of Leo in one of the chapters. So, Vere is an idiot or so the society knows him to be. Well, sounds absurd, really. Questions come to mind, how could he carry on such a facade for such a longtime? Even Freddie, who adores Vere, doesn't know the truth. It all started with an accident when he was 16 ... Yes, it's a facade, since he's a spy/detective and he needs to look like someone people wont suspect at all if something goes wrong. Now, as the story begin with scintillating description of Lord Vere's idiocies, I was rolling on the floor. It was that funny. :D You have to read to get it, really for I can't explain it in words. He's on a mission now, where he meets Elissande, the niece of the suspect. Events after events, however outrageous, take place and he finds himself married to her. Now, let me tell you, Vere was already attracted to her from the first glance (she is beautiful with amber eyes and strawberry-blonde hair) but stayed away after finding out she's a 'husband grabber'. And Elissande seeing his idiocy, turned to Freddie, who is, of course, sweet and nice.

To talk about Elissande, she has a life so desolate, that she wants no part of it anymore ... She lives with an abusive uncle, who beats women, an aunt, in semi-comatose state, obviously suffered in the hands of her husband. Her life is spent by taking care of the aunt and acting happy in fornt of the uncle. Elissande wants to get away. She is desperate and needs a husband. Again, in those outrageous happenstances, she at first sets her sight on Vere, not only because he's a marquess but he has the looks of a roman god, tall, muscular, dark blonde. Someone she can rely upon to protect her ... She actually thought he has a body like Poseidon (ahemm, very yummy indeed :p). But, his 'idiocies' made her change her mind and set upon Freddie. Then, in another outrageous (yes yes, I know, that's what it was, I actually thought about Lynsay Sands in many of those 'happenstances' including this parlour scene), they're found compromised and hence the marriage.

Vere isn't happy about it. He's trying to punish her because he doesn't have any idea that Elissande actually wanted him, thinks of him as her 'fortress'. He, obviously thought it is all a scheme on her part for his title and money, also that her actual choice was Freddie, not him. The wedding night scene is both funny and sad (if there's anything like that) at the same time. I lurve the real Vere, he is so straight-forward and uses the f word like other ST heroes often enough but I found him really sexy. The next day, just to torment his wife, he takes her to see the uncle, who was absent so far and just came back. Here, I found out the kind of man the uncle is. He slapped and then tried to strangle Elissande for daring to take away his wife. He also threatened her with the words about harming Vere if she didn't meet his demands. Vere went out to send messeges to his people to let them know about his suspicions in the ruse of using the necessity but came back to find out his wife's being strangled by the uncle. I was actually screaming myself, where the f are you Vere? So, he came back, attacked the uncle, said rude things to him and took her home ... From then on, things are going kinda well. Now he understands the extent of her desperation and means to protect her and her aunt. At first, his intention was to keep the marriage in name only, then annulling it in a suitable time but he consummates it later and tells Elissande afterwards "You're mine now."

I'm on chapter 14 now. From what I got so far, Vere's trying to dislike Elissande but cannot. There is a reason I wont reveal. I found it a bit too unusual seeing the kind of a man he is, realistic and hard. Elissande was looking for someone to protect her from her troubles in life and Vere looked/felt like the prayer to her answers. Even when she was contemplating marrying Freddie, she thought about Vere. There is this funny scene which involves a round of a game called 'piggy' something. I loved this scene and Elissande's reaction towards Vere.

There is also the subplot of a secondary romance between Freddie and that Miss Angelica Carlistle from PA, now the widowed Mrs. Canaletto. At first, I was kinda irritated by Angelica but now that I know her yearning for Freddie, I'm more interested in their story.

To say, I'm loving this one too, different yet lovely. Wanna see how the mystery (regarding Vere's latest case) is solved, as well as how things go between him and Elissande.

Man, what a book! I really enjoyed it. I wasn't that annoyed by Vere as some reviews obviously were and thanks to God I read it anyway! This book was an excellent example of ST's humorous side, that she can write hilarious stuff too. But that doesn't mean the book didn't have its share of emotional turmoils. There were revelations, the mystery surrounding the Diamond case, Vere's own personal monsters/nightmares and a twist I didn't see coming. Overall, 4.5 stars.

There were scenes I loved so much, the scene where Elissande soothes Vere when he was having one of his nightmares (I'm a sucker for such scenes, if they're done well of course!) with description of Capri (why Capri? You have to read to find out) and the way Vere protected her 'til the end. I loved the last love scene, though not detailed, was very sweet. I was saddened by the twist, sympathized with Elissande. Vere was being thick headed from time to time (already mentioned the wedding night scene, also another where he tells Elissande he doesn't wanna stay married to her) but ultimately he won me over. Liked the secondary characters. Freddie and Angelica's romance was quite short yet nice. Finally, Angelica's dream came true and they became engaged. In the end, I was happy and sad and ... I don't know. It was a good story, the revelations, specially about Vere's nightmares, his parents/past tugged at my heart. Poor guy. I liked the way Elissande understood him, wanted to protect and take care of him. They were soul mates IMO.

Ah Vere, sing the 'bow wow' song to me. What I wouldn't do to hear you sing that song! lolzzz :p

PS: Do not ask around about certain Latin lines in the book ... Wikipedia is quite enough! I know I was agape for quite sometimes when I read what that certain line means. lmaooooo :p