Lord Atwood's Lovers - Eva Clancy My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I read this novella on a whim, since the author was a new-to-me one and I don’t usually read ménages (if any, those are very few). But honestly, I’m really glad that I read Lord Atwood's Lovers. I absolutely loved EC’s writing style, along with the central characters. I loved Charles’s quiet intensity, Alex’s sensitivity and Imogen’s smartness.

Imogen and Charles have been married for a few months but totally in love. Imogen had been married once before and widowed but she still bears some hurt from that marriage. Charles also has his own secret burden, something he never shared with anyone; that his best friend Alex has been his lover once. I actually thought it was a long time ago, but apparently it wasn’t. They had a spat over their relationship, as Charles wanted to get married and have heirs. I don’t remember much about Alex’s family but I think he’s not from the nobility or rather, a second or third son, so he isn’t burdened with the thoughts of begetting heirs. Now, I liked that both were bi men and has had women before, even shared sometimes. After they broke up, Alex went away for sometimes, only to come back and find that Charles has married. It broke his heart because he loved, still loves Charles. But the trouble was, Charles couldn’t say the word back instantly, and I believed why he was reluctant.

When Imogen coincidentally meets Alex after his return, she invites him over for dinner, learning that he was once Charles’ best friend. Later, seeing both men together, she understands that something’s amiss... When they’re alone, Imogen pleads Charles to open up to her, which, a burdened Charles does. I was glad to see that he didn’t have the cause to regret his decision. Imogen was a smart girl and wanted to make Charles happy. She knew this situation required her understanding. It only proved that she really loved him.

I’m not going to give away anymore of the story since it’s a novella but I can honestly say that I believed in their emotions, feelings. And it mattered to me a lot. When I finished it, my only thought was I wanted more, MORE! I wanted to know more about Charles and Alex’s past relationship. Even from the snippets, I thought it was intense. Then, Charles and Imogen together in bed was really hot, so was the only ménage scene. Gosh, I still want to read more of this story and definitely a glimpse into what the future holds for these three. I’ll be keeping track on EC’s later releases. I don’t know if she’s a first time published author but I wish her all the best anyway!

BTW: Why is it that as I’m writing this review, I keep thinking of Adam Lambert? heehee

This copy of Lord Atwood’s Lovers was provided to me by Harlequin via netgalley which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way. thankyou