A Wedding Story - Dee Tenorio My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Damn but this little free novella so goooooooooood!! It was fun, hilarious and absolutely made me fall in love with both Ruth Anne or ‘Rhubarb’ and Bobby. This is my first read of DT’s books and I’m so glad about it. If you’re a sucker for enemies turned lovers theme, this would be an almost perfect example... why I say ‘almost’? Will try to explain.

Ruth Anne and Bobby have known each-other since their nappies, I mean literally. As far as I got that they live in a small community and their mothers have been best friends like forever! And as they were growing up, both Bobby and Ruth Anne has been on each-other’s neck (and a few other places as well lol). Ruth Anne thinks Bobby is the bane of her existence because in every humiliating aspect of her life, Bobby’s name reigned supreme. Unfortunately, this book was told, sort of, from Ruth Anne’s POV (not first person narrative though), so I felt I needed to read Bobby’s thoughts too. But, it was very apparent that Bobby liked to poke and prod at her as much as he can. His life’s goal was to make her life a living hell. And on this wedding day of their siblings, Ruth Anne’s sister and Bobby’s brother, things come down to the ultimate face off.... Or was it? But, certainly Ruth Anne’s life changed for the good and in the end, she was f*cking happy that Bobby has been a part of her life since the beginning of time.

My reaction to the whole book was simply one, sigh. Bobby was perrrrrfect. He was fun and apart from the childish pranks and mischief, Bobby had loved Ruth Anne all his life. Ruth Anne did too but she was just too ‘uncomfortable’ (for the lack of better word here people! Lol) growing up to face this ‘abnormal’ (again, lack of better word :p) fact. She can’t dream of kissing Bobby FGS! It’s a crime that made her run for a confession to the community priest!!!! Lord, I don’t know how to explain but I just about died laughing reading this story.

Now, on to the complaints- one, definitely it should’ve been longer. A few more pages, a more scenes would make it perfect. Two, lack of love scenes. Oh c’mon!!! I wanted them, a lot of them. They would’ve been as fun as Ruth Anne and Bobby’s relationship! Three, a very few typos but I overlooked them, the only thing caught my eyes was the spelling of Bryan Adams’ name. But that’s not a big complain. If the first two of my ‘complaints’ were met, I would rate this 5 stars. Honest! Definitely looking forward to more DT books soon!

4 stars. Imagine me doing this though> rainingstars

DJ, babe, I owe you one for recommending me her books. ;)

“A Wedding Story” is a short story of about 35 pages. I heartily recommend it if you have an hour to spare and looking for something light and fun that will warm your heart. It can be downloaded from smashwords.