Moonlight - Elliot Mabeuse My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

This free novella is about one night in a shadowy corner of a stadium with the narrator (name unknown), a poet in the making (or so I understood) and his possible the then girlfriend Jessica. It was a quick read. I give this a 3.5 star simply because the sex was hot. It could’ve been 4 for me if there was an implication of something special blossoming between them and then perhaps turned into something deeper. But, I was pretty sure she was just a girlfriend and the sex was really good as I got it, that they found something sacred between this exchange of their bodies.

This was a recollection of a long ago event. The moonlight plays a vital role as the narrator keeps comparing with the unearthly beauty of the moon to their love making. Even at one point, Jessica remarks on that too. In the narrative (which was from the 1st person POV), the narrator also talks about that particular incident and then compares all of those with his life experiences (sex life) and makes comments. Why he was so obsessed with moonlight, the whole point of it might’ve slipped my understanding. Maybe if it was a full novel with more explorations and insights, I would get it.

So, was it from a personal experience? I don’t know but I had this feeling lolz... Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I liked it nonetheless.

“Moonlight” is a free read without any definite chapters. It has about 20 pages or so, available at smashwords.