The Debutante's Dilemma - Elyse Mady My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Ménages aren't my cuppa as I found out while reading this novella. I'm a total 'one man and one woman hopelessly in love'-type and sharing him with anyone else (and vice versa) isn't my kinda stuff. Reading something like that leaves me pretty uncomfortable. This was a free download and I was curious, a short story with the said debutante Cecilia and her two male friends Jeremy, an earl and Richard, a duke (look at the titles!); two veterans of war with Spain. The writing was ok. It seemed like they all liked each-other, love even and in the end, decided to 'share' that love. She let the one she's more attracted to strip her out of her virginity while 'petting' the other. She later married the 'more attracted to' one. The other one was invited 'frequently' in their house, as some gossip column reports. The end result?

Two hale, plump heirs who spent their days immured in the unending comfort which their wealthy and loving family could provide, and who were, as all who had been so distinguished as to admire them during one of their mother’s exclusive and sought-after at-homes could attest, as sweet and adorable as any two babies could possibly be. Of course, a more dissimilar pair it was hard to imagine. One blond, with soft blue eyes and the sweetest pair of dimples, the other dark, with a thick shock of brown hair that made him look quite rakish despite his diminutive size. But both were, despite these superficial differences, without doubt the apples of their doting parents’ eyes.

Oh great! ... 2.5 stars.