Lord of Scoundrels  - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

This book makes me wanna do a full review, just to tick off the things I hated and how much I disliked the hero and his activities. The story takes place almost simultaneously with "Captives of the Night", the hero of that book Ismal is briefly mentioned here when Dain was cavorting in Paris. Also, the villain, Francis is mentioned too (as far as I remember). Dain was a rakehell of the worst order, who actually liked f*cking around and never once, in the book, felt sorry for his dissolute life. I didn't give a sh*t about his whining on his life and how 'unfair' it's been, so he takes care of it all by f*cking anything in skirts, yada yada yada. He was a weak character IMO. The heroine, Jessica, though I liked her at first, in the end just fell short of my expectations. She was actually proud of Dain and his whoring ways (that's my assumption). She'd call him a 'whoremonger' whenever it suited her, try to look angry but once he's touching her, she FORGETS. I mean seriously? Then I read about her sluttish grandmama (that's right, I'm not mixing it up and if I try to count her age when Jessica herself was 28, I fail horribly!) who gives her 'suggestions' on how to capture Dain. Dain, to the granny, is a 'great, hungry, shark'. *shudders* Oh that scene these two talk about Dain's attributes was pretty awful. And there was Dain's bastard, born off a country whore he and his friend Vere, the hero of "The Last Hellion", shared (Lord, YUK); whom he treated like a pile of waste for the better part of his life and then suddenly, he was a loving father to him. And the last scene, oh boy, I mentioned it in my comments .... JUST SO EWWW! Jessica, how could you stand there and listen to such disgusting stuff? Then again, Dain is full of those stuff and one has to have the skin of a rhino to live with him. Anyway, this leaves me tired. I'm not sure if I'll ever re-read this book but when I do, I'd like to point out, more elaborately why I hated this one so much.

These are some random comments by me

Having difficulty imagining Sebastian lolzz :p ... Jessica is a bit too bold for my choice, well, can't explain bt I can't connect with her ... yet! :/

And hats off to Jessica, in Bangla I'd say "Shabbash (bravo- for taking a pistol to Dain)!" to her.

And I did imagine some scenes differently than it was in the book ie: the scene in his house where Jessica went to look for her moronic bro! But the scene after that was HOT! :D

I'm having such mixed feelings abt Dain that, well, he deserved something more than that bullet ... I knw some might say, awww he's been through this or that bt that doesn't give you the right to mistreat people around you! Even Ms. Chase wrote that his mental state is sorta stuck at the age of 8! I understand Derek Craven, I don't think I'll ever recover from him bt I'm yet to understand Dain.

Well, let's see if he can make me fall in love with him. That doesn't mean I don't find him hot lolzzz, and some of the things, like some of his inner turmoils and yearnings for Jessica kinda got me hooked there.

I'm waiting Dain! ;)

Hmmm, interesting! Still, I'm annoyed by a few things like Jessica very comfortably calling Dain a "whoremonger", not that he isn't, still ... :s .. And also Dain's callous attitude towards his son, sometimes I do want to smash something on his head!

Although there are funny moments there, I'm yet to feel this one altogether. Only thing that keeps me going is the intensity between them when they're in the mood for a bit of lovin'! Then it's another matter entirely. I like the bold Jessica then, I really do! ;)

Ok, it was just crazy! Both of them are.

I said I was annoyed by a few things and I was, 'til the end. Call me whatever you like but Jessica's very calmly accepting everything abt Dain is just ... arghh! And, Dain showed not a little sign of remorse, not for whoring neither for fathering a bastard, let alone treating the boy like he doesn't exist and then calling him "an animate pile of filth"! I WAS ANNOYED!!!

Ah, Derek, seems like no one will ever surpass you you babe!

The only thing I loved 'til the end were the love scenes, a lot. And, maybe a little those scenes when he was trying fathering the kid in his own clumsy way. But when that kid looked at the huge master bed and said things like this:

“Did you put a baby inside her in that bed?” Dominick enquired, directing his stare to Jessica’s belly. “Mama said you put me inside her belly in the biggest bed in the world. Is there a baby in there now?” he demanded, pointing." and Jessica was just standing there smiling listening to it, without any reaction AT ALL, while Dain said "Yes" ... well, I don't know, it was ANNOYING and seriously yukky!! This was just one of the many things that ANNOYED the hell outta me.

2.5 stars. Maybe someday when (if) I re-read it and hopefully can connect to what others find in this one, I might give it a better rating. I'd still say, I lurvee Ismal better!