Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Well, 1st 5 chps were just BORING! Don't knw how I got through them. Even Alastair's limp (from the war) couldn't make me keep my eyes open so I kinda skipped. Didn't particularly cherished reading the list of Alastairs's 'women', though it was funny. The poor guy was a bit open with his feelings about them, mixing up liaisons with love. Oh man! Furthermore, even though a war veteran, Alastair's a dandy! Anyway, maybe, I'm finding none of the major characters interesting enough. I won't say it's bad but there is just ... well, something missing there :/. Now, after Chp 6 Alastair's nightmares with PTSD kinda got me hooked. I like themes like this if really well-written. Books ie: "Love In the Afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas or "Lord of Ice" by Gaelen Foley are amongst a few good ones I can recommend. Now have to see if things get better or not.

Some of my thoughts while reading:

"Oh plzzzzz! Get over it already!!" (for Mirabel and her 'views')

"Oh poor guy! ... Crazy woman!" (After that scene of the meeting, when Alastair sees Mirabel and tells her not to break his heart and ... if her answer is no, he'll stop plaguing her. Stupid woman!)

No really, I like Alastair more by the chps. He is such a sweet guy and he also tells Mirabel that he loves her while she is yet to confess anything. The love scene was good bt as I said before, I like the major characters but just not enough glue for me to stick to the story! Either way, Mirabel seems immature to me, emotionally at least. And kinda cold. Don't know. Let's see what happens in the end. :)

Finished it loving Alastair more. He really was sweet, til the end. 3 stars for Ms. Chase's writing style which I like and for Alastair. It could've been a 4 stars had it been able to grip me a little too intansely and if I could connect with Mirabel a little. Overall, I found the lack of that 'something' throughout the novel. :/