Not Quite A Lady - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Yes Darius, you're the kind of 'male specimen' (aka 'rake') I love to hate, hate to love yet sometimes I can't but help falling. I'm trying to hate you too, yah, I know I sound boo-boo in the head but ... well, never mind ... But plz, not the maid servants, PLZ .. draw that 'thin' line somewhere at least! :/

I like you Charlotte; it must be painful to give up a child, my eyes stung while I read the prologue. I don't judge or blame you for what happened because you were too young. Give that certain type of 'male specimen' some hell, PLZ, for my sake! I love when they suffer! Ehmm, sorry, went a bit overboard with the drama thingy. :p

The long and short of it, I'm liking it but I'm not yet hooked, read upto 5 chps. Keeping fingers crossed! :)

Yes, I'm still liking it and hooked, now that I'm almost done, though there are things and incidents seems kinda rushed to me, one of them is Darius's sudden change from a rake to a perfect gentleman. Even the love scenes are rushed, not that I didn't like them, still ... But why I like it? You have to read chp 13 to figure it out. They are really good for each other I think! And there are banters between them will make you roll on the floor (though it doesn't surpass Rupert-Daphne and Vere-Lydia)! :p

And finally, there is one kid I'm kinda liking, who didn't talk or act like a 30 yrs old while he's actually 10. Yah, Pip, Charlotte's son ... He's very sweet and cute, I'm very curious to see his eyes (why? read the book plz), I loved the way he defended the mother he didn't even know existed. So, there are things that are really lovable in this story and I really adore sweet stories as long as they aren't 'too sweet' for my liking. lolz

4 stars for all the characters, specially Pip. :)