Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Another of my Loretta Chase all-time fav, amazing book with an adorable hero and a spirited heroine...

Well, first few chps were slow, I like anything Egypt in it bt there were things I couldn't understand and ... let's just say I hated the plots of Albania bt gradually it grew on me, so is Egypt. I'm finding the book more interesting by the chps.

Daphne is a bumpy ride, her mood swings are sometimes ... I don't know, confusing ... Having a little trouble connecting with her, so far I like her. Then again, marrying a man three times your age can do that to ppl!

Rupert is a jem to read lolz! All his 'thinking and seeing her naked' is just killing me, I laughed a lot, I love men with amazing humor like Rupert or Vere or Basil ... I love him, I can say that. :)

Gog? Magog?? Marigold??? Harmione????? Doing 'it' in a smelly, ancient Egyptian tomb, not once but twice???????? Ohhh, Rupert, I believe I shall swoon! You take my breath away ... Ummmm ... Rupert is really a jem, a babe! I loveeeee him.

I like Daphne, she isn't as boring as she thinks, I can connect with her vulnarabilities now, can understand I believe.

Need I say I loved the love scenes? The book is getting more and more interesting! :D

What can I say? I've actually thought of a lot of things while finishing it last night, all of which I've forgotten now. There were more than one scene that stole my heart and made me laugh, cry or sigh. This book, specially one of the scenes where Daphne was taken hostage and Rupert snicks in to see her at night, reminded me of "Princess" by Gaelen Foley to some extent (funnily enough the hero's name was Darius, here Rupert's youngest bro's name is the same lolz), there were some elements so intense and genuine between Daphne and Rupert. 5 stars no doubt *sigh*!

So it's not the youngest but the 2nd Carsington brother (Benedict, ....., Alastair, Rupert, Darius ... if I'm correct) got no book, have to find out why, which I think I will when I read the other books of the series. :/

PS: The 2nd bro is Geoffrey, now I know his name. The info came out after finishing the series, hahaha. :p