Dark Awakening - Charlotte Featherstone My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Well, story wise this book has very little to offer. And, the sad truth is, I thought the premise was quite interesting, you know fallen angels and all that! But, it was too short, not much story/plot-depth or character explorations, which is why I’ve decided on 3.5 stars.

The heroine, Nadira, is a woman of the 21st century. She’s been assailed by the dreams of angels all her life and known someone, possibly an angel, has always been with her. She’d dreamed of two of them, one with white wings, another black. Both, it seems are falling from heaven. The angel with black wings is taller and broader than the one with white wings. Nadira has always been interested to know about them.

Gadriel is our fallen angel because he couldn’t condone the humans being in heaven. He hates this species and the fact that his brothers fell for the flesh of their women. Gadriel is disgusted. He’s been banished to Earth and roams it all alone. Now, he’s looking for a woman named Mary who’s dying and goes to her apartments but understands Sariel has already been there. Sariel is God’s messenger. Then he listens to the phone messeges and hears a woman’s voice who asks Mary to come to the Langdon Park for a walk and coffee. He goes there, only to meet his brother Sammael. Sammael threatens him that if anything happens to Mary, Gadriel would pay. Gadriel taunts him asking him if he’s f*cking the woman and that he’d tell her how he feels before he kills her. In a rage, Sammael brings out a sacred weapon called ‘mazzariel’ and stabs Gadriel bad.

Nadira was waiting for Mary in front of her favorite angel stature for some times and then it starts to rain. She has always been fascinated by this statue, where the angel seems like falling from heaven. His face is not clearly seen but she loves it nonetheless. Then, convinced that Mary won’t come and a bit worried about her, Nadira decides to return. That is when she sees two huge figures on the bridge, which she has to cross to the car parking. As she was spying, someone grabs her from behind and speaks to her. She immediately recognizes Sariel, one of the angels from her dreams; the one with white wings, the one who'd always been with her. Sariel tells her that she’s made for them, that she’s to take one of them in her body tonight. She must trust him on that. Nadira doesn’t believe him and somehow makes it to the parking lot and to her car. On her way, she sees this enormous man, wounded on the chest, standing in the middle of the road and staring straight at her. Nadira thought many things, about what could've happen to this man and tries to veer away from him. But, for some reasons she couldn’t and ultimately, stops the car and tells him she’d help. She takes him to her house. Being a former nurse helps and she tries to take care of him. Then she gets his name, Gadriel. Nadira is thrilled since she’d always been more fascinated by Gadriel than any other angel.

Gadriel didn’t want to go to any hospital so she asked the woman to take him in her house. But, he’s rather interested her in a way he doesn’t really understand. Being an angel, he’d never had sex but his body is giving him hints that it wants her. And, then ... well, then he starts sniffing her ... ermm ... hehehe, it was kinda odd but who am I to guess what angels do/want? lolz Anywho, they end up making love. And, that one night decides what they both want, which is to each-other. In the morning, Mary comes by to see Nadira, instead meets Gadriel. When Gadriel asks why she wasn’t there in the park, Mary informs him that she had a dream where someone asked her not to go to the park because Nadira was to meet someone special. Then later that day, a little more of hot shower lovin’ follows, when Gadriel, through his magic, puts his name as a brand on Nadira. Then they marry ... time passes by and Nadira is pregnant. On the day of the delivery, she’s in danger and is taken to the OT for a cesarean section. Gadriel was going insane with worry and then he sees Sammael has come to take them away (death). Gadriel goes on his knees, asking him to spare their lives. Sariel comes in then and makes a bargain; their lives will be spared, in return Gadriel has to be ready for his call from God. Gadriel agrees, to save his wife and child's lives. Then the nurses come in and inform him he has a daughter.

The last love scene was very nice, with Gadriel opening his wings and all that ... I actually was imagining it, how it would look and feel, being engulfed in huge black wings with a sinfully handsome angel. Gave me goosebumps, that I can tell. :p *sigh* Where can one find one of those? Anyway, I wish it was a full novel because it left me a bit frustrated. In the end, I was rooting for Gadriel, he was so crazy about Nadira and intense. I wish there was more of him and their story.