A Beating Heart

A Beating Heart - Bonnie Dee A quick, ok read. I'm no vampire/undead lover but I'll read almost anything by Bonnie Dee, and hey it was free!

Gavin (not his real name, it's never known) is a vampire. He's lived over a century and very bored of this stilted existence. Not a lot is said about his life or how he came to be a vampire, but from the bits and pieces, I gathered he's originally a German, lives on his own and does what vampires do. He doesn't really like this existence. One night, another boring night that is, Gavin is out to do some laundry when he sees this auburn haired girl, the only other customer in the Laundromat and instantly attracted. Such lengthy, immortal life has taken away the fun sex used be for him, too. But this pretty girl is shaking up his world now. They talk and talking turned into touching. Gavin feels something different, soon realizes she's an angel who's taken this female form. She knows about him, watched him and has been attracted to him for a long time. She wants to give him a gift. Then they have a quickie in a shadowy alcove of the laundry room. The angel smiles her pretty smile and Gavin is shocked to find her 'gift' to him. Honestly, I didn't really feel anything about the story, neither their attraction because they were having sex even before I got a hold of the whole situation. Anyway, 3 stars.

"A Beating Heart" is a free read without any definite chapters and can be downloaded from Bonnie Dee's website.