Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - Marie Sterbenz My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Ok, TBH I downloaded this free quickie because of the mention of Eros. I love demigods and angel erotica a lot (thanks to Charlotte Featherstone’s The Watchers series) so I thought to give it a try. I love them opening their wings, ummm, I get wet at the mention of that... rwarr!

The premise, in this novella was good but the whole story was ok. Damon, a demigod is a descendant of Eros (ooh, sexy bigtime!). He has been in love with this mortal woman, Kayla for about a decade now and apparently cares for her a lot. He’s been her dream lover too (another aspect me dig bigtime. :p). He’s just confused if she’ll ever love him back, seeing how he’s not human and got wings (I mean you got a pair of wings honey and you think she would mind about that? Then come to ME!) and so on. Poor man... er demigod! Lolz

Kayla’s a nurse but her love life isn’t that successful. The latest boyfriend is a two-timer (as far as I understood). Then there’s the dream lover about whom she’s confused. I mean, it’s supposed to be erotic dream but those dreams are so real... Oh the misery! Yah, right!

So in the end, Damon kinda makes a mistake of leaving traces of him having been with her. Kayla waits up the next night and confronts him. Though they talked of love, I wasn’t really convinced. Neither did I like some of the solutions (to deal with their situation) Damon was thinking about. Immortality can be such a problem in these cases. Hmm, but that’s just me.

The author is new to me and her writing isn’t bad. But, there were times I was laughing at some of the words like ‘love canal’, sounded too silly to me. I wasn’t sure what to rate it but ultimately decided on 3.25 stars. It was good and short, sex was hot and hey, it was free! Might give more MS books a try later.

Umm Damon, babe if you’re so confused about her, come toh meh! I like them big, blonde (dark, too) and beautiful. Muhahaha ;)

“Sweet Dreams” is a free read with about 12 pages. It’s available at smashwords.