The Straw Man - Bonnie Dee My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

This novella by Bonnie Dee was... odd. Yes, odd and unbelievable. Then again, I’ve read other unbelievable stories by BD, ie: Dream Across Time and being a BD fan, I know I can put my trust in her. The story was short in itself, took me about an hour to finish it.

Marie is single and lives in a small town. She’s lonely; it’s as simple as that. I don’t know anything about her family because the book is short, so no background information on her. She lives alone, with few neighbors scattered around her farmhouse. None lives close by. Marie’s love life is also stagnant at the moment. A few dates from long ago are all she can count upon. Life doesn’t really change much in a small town and so, in this Halloween’s night, she feels too lonely and wants some company; maybe even sex. But the town’s unattached men aren’t her type. After her pumpkins are sold for the day she resumes talking to Sam, the friendly scarecrow she made herself. I know it sounds, er, not quite ok but Marie can’t help it. She talks to Sam about her loneliness as if he can hear her, understand her (you will know just how much in the later parts!). She knows how pathetic and weird it is but she still does. Marie is pissed about this restlessness within her and Sam gets a hearing of it. Marie daydreams about a lover she’d like to have while waiting for her customers. When the evening came and she was preparing to go inside, Marie looks up at Sam and makes a wish. She wants him to become a man... only for a night and be hers.

(at this point, I was going like, huh??? *blinks*)

Anyway, you can guess what happens next. You can’t? Oh, I couldn’t either because I was, perhaps, thinking of this book going in a different vein and yet, BD robbed me off of any thought process. But let me tell you this, it was sexy... Sam was *yes, it’s him* sweet, though I had no idea what to think of him or this weird situation. The book has its heart-wrenching moments as well. It made me cry, it did! Why? Just give this a try!

BD never fails to appease me with her stories and her beautiful yet simplistic writing. I only wish, again and again and again, that it had a couple of more chapters because I’m seriously curious about how Sam would *learn* to live as a human!

4 stars, simply because it was sweet.

Wish I could say Happy Halloween! but dang, Halloween is still months away. Anyway, I loved this pic. I only wish that the pics I came across while searching for something to post with this review didn’t come up as creepy as they were!

field of the scarecrow
Field of the Scarecrow