Sultana's Dream - Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain,  Durga Bai I've read this amazing book a few years ago and could hardly believe that a woman from 1905's Bangladesh, when women were rarely given education, wrote something in English and a really good piece too! But that is the specialty of Begum Rokeya, who was a very gifted personality on her own right... Who flourished with the support of a generous, open-minded family behind her. She was a feminist writer (both fiction and non-fiction), critic and renowned social worker, whose bibliography isn't very big in that sense but whatever she wrote, she wrote with remarkable grace, wit and style. We still remember her, we've grown up knowing her as a part of our culture, history, education but most of all, as a part of the woman we are today. This is by no means a review of Sultana's Dream but I'll do something later hopefully after I re-read the book. If you don't already know about her, you should BTW.