An Absolutely Incredible Valentine - Casey Wilder My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

This one was a quick and easy read. I liked it. Not big on the story (being a free novella and so on) but I liked the author’s writing style.

Alex is still a virgin and her forays into romance haven’t been successful so far. She’s good looking and all that but never found the ‘right’ man to pop her cherry. Most of the men she’d dated turned out to be jerks, like the recent one. The day before one Valentine’s Day, she finally decides she’s had enough since the jerk humiliated her in front of the others because she wouldn’t let him have his way with her. At night, the jerk comes back drunk and starts yelling for Alex to let him in. Alex doesn’t but she hears that her sexy neighbor talking to the jerk, a neighbor she’d not really spoken more than once or twice but totally have the hots for.

Trevor has hots for Alex as well and he knows that she dates jerks like the latest one most of the times. What he didn’t know that she was still a virgin, until the drunk burps it out on his face. Now, Trevor can’t help but think of her. He handles the situation as best as he can and then when the jerk left, Alex opens the door. After small talks and thanks (from her), Trevor asks her to come away with him for a vacation of sorts. Alex readily agrees since she’s already decided that Trevor would be her cherry popper! Lol

From then on, it’s about the journey and how they spend the Valentine’s Day shagging enthusiastically... My main complaint was that I didn’t really feel any chemistry. But in the beginning, it felt totally different and caught my attentions. I did love Trevor, he seemed like a nice guy but it’s just that... bah! I may have pictured the story developing on a different vein, don’t know. Also, I don’t like casual sex in a book. In novellas, it’s not always easy to put forth a relationship and make it convincing that the H/h belong together. In this novella, I didn’t really feel Alex or Trevor have any intentions for a deeper relationship other than good sex. Anyway, for a free novella of about 30 pages or so, it was fine I guess. 3.5 stars.

BTW: I did like About the Author section. ;)

“An Absolutely Incredible Valentine” can be downloaded from smashwords.