Play for Today - Saskia Walker My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Another Saskia Walker novella and another not-so-good one. Sex was hot and all that but what I didn’t feel in this one (again) that the H/h had any future together or that they even gave a thought about it. I just read The Devil You Know a few days ago and had the same impression. Maybe I’m being unfair since it’s a novella but it’s just that I’ve read other novellas where I was convinced that the H/h are meant to be together. I do like SW’s sex scenes but what I don’t like is a relationship which is obviously nothing but casual sex. So much for asking for something different!

Toni and Max are two rising actors, still not big on their game. They just got this Broadway break and travelling to their destination by sea. These two are already lovers and probably have been since the day they met for the audition. Max and Toni thought a journey by ship would be fun but right now, the sea is a bit rough and most of the passengers are below deck with sea sickness. This doesn’t leave many people around for socializing. Toni is bored and Max comes up with an idea. *snorts* The Broadway play is about a Victorian heiress Lady Isobel and her affair with a Belgian servant called Gerard. Max decides it’d be fun to do a little ‘role-play’ (costumes and all) as the story is about a licentious love affair. Toni is nothing but putty in his hands (and his manipulations) so she gives in... How convenient for their sexfest that even though they’ve never been on a ship journey before, they didn’t get sick. I kept rolling my eyes throughout the whole thing.

Yah, whatever. 3 stars.

Play for Today was free for a few days when I got this book which is why it’s tagged under ‘free-reads’. You might not find it free now or later.