Tutoring Lady Jane - Charlotte Featherstone My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Ok I loved this one! My only complain is that it should've been longer with more background information, so that it didn't feel like everything started in the middle. At least, I felt that way. Also, I wanted more steamy scenes. And, boy, there were a few of those in this book!

In the Georgian era London, Gavin, Viscount Grayson is the rake of the first water. And, I'm gonna tell you again, I don't like this set as much as I used to. But, there was something so honest and special about Gavin (and his interactions with Jane) that I had to give in. Being of mixed blood (part English, part Indian) and dark skinned, he'd always been scrutinized by the Ton and called the India Rat (you can guess, how demeaning!). But, whatever they think of him in the daylight, by night that doesn't deter the high society whores- married or otherwise- to sought out his companionship, not only because he's good doing what he does but also, because he's something of a novelty to them. Gavin doesn't care for them either, not one whit. He hates them with a passion and uses them as they use him. Gosh, I really wanted to know more about him!

Lady Jane had a long, miserable married life with a wuss of a man, who had, it seemed a penchant for young girls. She married at 17 and was happy for a while, until she began to blossom into a woman, with a voluptuous figure. Her husband abandoned her for a younger girl, had always humiliated her by telling her how 'plain and plump' she is. The disgusting man died in the bed of his mistress. He never made Jane happy, in bed or otherwise. She's now a respectable society widow and still the wallflower she used to be when she was young. But, Viscount Grayson fascinates her. Of course, she'd heard of his wild ways and still, she's attracted to him in a way she'd never been to another man. Jane knows, since Gavin had always have the most beautiful women on his beck and call, he'd never feel anything for her. And, wasn't she wrong or what!

They met in a house party. Jane smiled at him, not born out of lust and coyness but a genuinely warm smile, which made Gavin instantly crazy for her. Gavin, in all his life, has never known anything like this his interactions with the Ton society women]. Jane had a plan in her mind so when he left with the hostess of the party, she followed and spied on him. She found him with two women ... ermm, well she got angry seeing whatever she saw, which of course she had no business of being and left the scene. What I loved about that scene (even though it should've been darn yukky for my choice) was Gavin being so attuned to her, he knew she's spying and couldn't concentrate on his partners. So, he left them and followed her instead. Then, they talk and Jane proposed a deal, something like (as you'd guess from the title) to tutor her in the ways to please a man, so that she's never a wallflower ever again. Gavin readily agrees. I liked that Jane was very shy and kinda afraid while proposing it, thinking he'd laugh at her and refuse.

What followed afterwards was really hot and amazing, yet quite intense and full of longing, from both Gavin and Jane. Gavin proved that he's got something very special in him and Jane proved that the only thing she needed was someone to show her that she's far better, smarter than what her late husband or the society made her look like her. I thought (and because of my lesser knowledge of erotica in general) that it'll be full of hot scenes but the author proved me wrong. Love scenes were few but very steamy and yes, they had their purpose and now, I stand corrected. I loved the henna scene specially, thought it was very sweet. I also wish that afterwards, the author gave us a little description of what happened when Gavin asked Jane to show him how to 'make love'. I was a bit frustrated that CF just jumped to the next day, only giving little hints and nothing else.

Both Gavin and Jane, as the H/h, I really liked. Gavin, even though a rake, stole my heart. I wish there was more on his past in India and about his parents. His mother's questionable past as a Sultan's concubine, even though he was the product of a love match and quite legitimate. Also, I loved the fact that the author used Bangla words in the book, alluding that Gavin grew up in West Bengal in his youth and you can guess, my mother tongue is Bangla so I was quite surprised and overjoyed. A 4 star for me.

"Tutoring Lady Jane" is also available in the anthology [b:The Art of Pleasure with Monica Burns.