Scandalous Desires Epilogue

Scandalous Desires Epilogue - Elizabeth Hoyt

5 wonderfully toe-curling stars.

This is the epilogue that Ms. Hoyt promised to her fans when Duke of Midnight (book 6) reaches 100 reviews on Amazon. When she asked us of which book's epilogue we'd like to read, I voted for Scandalous Desires because, gosh, I really wanted to know what Silence and Mickey were doing. They're still my favorite couple of this series and this epilogue was worth every.single.word, leaving me wanting for me! Hell, I'd probably love to read another full-length book on Mickey and Silence!! I was so, soooo happy when I finished it that I probably was grinning like a lunatic. :D

If you're a fan of Maiden Lane, READ IT NOW! If not, what are you waiting for? Start right from book 1 because trust me, this is a fabulous series.


This free epilogue can be read at Elizabeth Hoyt's Website.


Maiden Lane Series:

1. Wicked Intentions ~ (Temperance and Lazarus)
2. Notorious Pleasures ~ (Hero and Griffin)
3. Scandalous Desires ~ (Silence and Mickey)
4. Thief of Shadows ~ (Winter and Isabella)
5. Lord of Darkness ~ (Margaret and Godric)
6. Duke of Midnight ~ (Artemis and Maximus)