Haunt Me

Haunt Me - Marie Medina

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...


Haunt Me by Marie Medina was a very short erotic paranormal story that took me about an hr. or so to finish. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while now, and TBH, even though I thought it was just too short to form any kind of solid opinion of the storyline or the characters, I enjoyed it.

If you read the blurb, you’ll get a gist of what’s going on. The story opens up with a lengthy conversation between the heroine, Cat and her twin brother, Howard on a dinner together where they discuss about Cat’s current marital status, her cheater jerk of a husband Malcolm and the upcoming divorce. Cat is obviously still under her husband’s influence and wants to give him benefits of doubt, about which Howard is not really happy. He demands that she give him a divorce and move on.

So we find that Cat has been married a long time. Malcolm was much older than her and a business partner of her father’s. He seduced Cat when she was barely 19. They got married later and Cat has always thought she’d been in love with her husband; the only man in her life so far. So the rumors of his cheating came as a shock. But it wasn’t until she found his secretary naked at their home waiting for him, that she finally began to get a grip of what was going on. Poor girl, I felt sad for her. She’s still somewhat reluctant to believe it, but she knows there’s no future for them. They don’t have any kid so Cat has moved into her deceased parents’ house, living with her two brothers, Howard and the eldest, Jeffrey.

The next, it’s revealed just how Malcolm manipulated Cat with sex since the very first day. The jerk is very good at it, a fact he knows well and Cat can’t help giving into him. She knows her weakness which only makes her determined to divorce him. Malcolm kept denying everything, all the while trying to have sex with her (what an a$$hole!). But all were lies, as he later fesses up to Jeffrey. To him, the only woman he has ever loved is Cat. The others are just... well, he loves pussies, he got them and left them when the fun was over.

Sheesh! Made me wanna grind his balls with my heels!! No wonder Jeffrey and Howard wanted him out of Cat’s life.

The twist happens just after Malcolm’s confession. He’s murdered by Jeffrey and returns as a ghost, haunting Cat. Funny thing is, though she can’t see him, Malcolm can touch her and the only thing he wants is to pleasure the living daylights outta her. Though I still thought Malcolm was crap, I had an insight of the kind of relationship they shared before Malcolm’s death. Sex was kinda hot, I liked those. Then again, I enjoy all kinda ‘ghostly sex’ or so to speak, as it’s one of those fantasies I love to read about. There’s an odd solution at the end, unbelievable... but who cares? I liked it.

If you’re looking for something short and hot with a paranormal twist, recommended. 3.5 stars.