A Maiden Lane Christmas Special

A Maiden Lane Christmas Special - Elizabeth Hoyt

5 sweet, beautiful stars.

This very short story, promised by Elizabeth Hoyt to her fans, had the kind of fulfilling little glimpses that every fan would love to have on the lives of their favorite characters. It's basically a gathering at the orphanage for the celebration of Christmas after Maximus and Artemis's marriage. Also takes place after the Scandalous Desires Epilogue. You get all our heroes and heroines from the previous installments, updates on their lives and reappearances of some of the characters who were not seen recently. Again, I can only say, READ IT NOW!!

Oh yes, we also get some update on who Phoebe is going to be paired with and guess what, this is exactly what I wanted (you could hear me screaming 'huzzah!' from my position in front of my laptop). :D I think I also just might know who's gonna be Apollo's heroine. But that's still a guess. Can hardly wait for Darling Beast!


This free short story can be read at Elizabeth Hoyt's website.

Maiden Lane Series:

1. Wicked Intentions ~ (Temperance and Lazarus)
2. Notorious Pleasures ~ (Hero and Griffin)
3. Scandalous Desires ~ (Silence and Mickey)
4. Thief of Shadows ~ (Winter and Isabella)
5. Lord of Darkness ~ (Margaret and Godric)
6. Duke of Midnight ~ (Artemis and Maximus)

Maiden Lane Series Extra:

Scandalous Desires Epilogue