Time or Money

Time or Money - Carly Fall

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Time or Money by Carly Fall is a story of two apparently estranged people rediscovering themselves as a couple, falling in love all over again. I do enjoy reading ‘second chance’-themed romances, especially the ones that revolve around a married couple. I wasn’t disappointed because this was a short and sweet novella.

Mason and Bridget have been married for 5 years. Once in completely in love, things have changed for them over the past couple of years. Mason has gained the financial stability he had always hoped of having. Bridget’s job is also a successful one. As things stand, Mason’s late nights and less or no time for Bridget have gone on for too long. The last few months have been the worse; they’re too busy even to exchange a few words. Making love hasn’t been the priority.  After a hectic, long day at work they are way too tired to do anything about it. For the first time, Mason has made the grave mistake of forgetting their marriage anniversary. Bridget has been wondering if Mason is having an affair. When the story starts, both are contemplating about the state of their marriage. Is it going to work after all or are they losing themselves? Is this the end of their ‘love story’?

Mason wants to make it up to his lovely wife, to prove to her that ever since he met her, she’s been the only one. He even plans something grand for Bridget’s most favorite day of the year, The Valentine’s Day. It’s supposed to be a surprise to mark a new beginning of sort, which goes horribly wrong in every way possible. I won’t give out anymore, but only that the rest deals with the ups and downs of Bridget-Mason’s tumultuous relationship and then, by trying to come up with a solution that just might solve their ongoing impasse. 4 stars.

I received a review copy from Rabid Reads in exchange of an honest review. thankyou