The Seduction 2

The Seduction 2 - Roxy Sloane

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

After finishing The Seduction 2, the new installment in The Seduction series, my reaction was pure ‘Dafuq?!’. I mean I might just kill Vaughn for what he’s planning on doing to Keely... *stares at the blank space*

We meet the self-proclaimed (and not very far from the truth) ‘The Seducer’, Vaughn, when the story opened in book 1, quite literally ‘in the act’. It’s his job to seduce women in exchange of an exorbitant price. He f*cks them, takes some kinda proof of his deed (pics etc.) and leaves. But, he always leaves them completely satisfied, which equals to another job successfully done! The reasons behind these ‘cases’ vary from client to client and Vaughn is yet to lose his perfect score... until he meets his latest case, a paralegal named Keely. She refuses to be snared into his dangerous charms, at least not on the first few tries, leaving Vaughn confounded. Yah he’s that confident about his abilities. *wink*

Keely’s reason for avoiding Vaughn was just that, his superb good-looks and dangerous air makes her knees weak, maybe even scares her a little too. Then there’s his dirty talk, oh damn! She doesn’t even think she can handle a man like that, so having an affair was not going to be a wise idea no matter how tempting he is. But then, an orphaned, not very adventurous and barely scraping by Keely learns of this huge inheritance that was left to her by a recently deceased client of hers. She can’t imagine why!

When things heat up between them, things also take a turn for the bad. Keely doesn’t know much about Vaughn, though ultimately she can’t stop herself from falling for him. Vaughn, on the other hand, has discovered Keely has become a sort of obsession for him. But how deep would he let her in? This is one question he’d avoid at all cost cause he doesn’t do ‘love’ and relationships.

None. Never.

This installment picks up from where it was left off in The Seduction 1. Keely is still reeling from Vaughn’s betrayal (a phone call she accidentally eavesdropped on... between Vaughn and the person who hired him to ‘nail’ Keely). Even though she runs, Vaughn wouldn’t let her be. He’s adamant about having her, yet oddly enough, they don’t have sex for a long time in the story even when the chemistry has been sizzling throughout. The tension is high. Something keeps Vaughn from not treating her like he has treated those numerous women he’d slept with in the past.


Irony, anyone?

The mystery behind Keely’s sudden inheritance and its link to Vaughn surfaces too. Then there’s a revelation, also regarding said inheritance, that shakes her to the core. This is what finally makes Keely to run to Vaughn, who was avoiding her at that point to confront some aspects of his long-buried past.

I had some ideas about why Keely inherited that money, so the revelation didn’t really come as that much of a surprise. Instead, what surprised me the most was what Vaughn decides when he hears of it after an evening of mind-blowing sex. I won’t tell you what it is but I’m not happy. At all. Whatever his reasons are, for I’m a little protective of our h.

But I’ll wait to read about ‘The Fall of the Mighty’ (the a$$hole just wouldn’t admit it but he has already fallen IMO) in the next installment coming late June. 4 stars.