The Seduction 3

The Seduction 3 - Roxy Sloane

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Hmmm, apparently Mr. Seducer has landed on his a$$, quite literally, on the 3rd installment of The Seduction series by Roxy Sloane. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect when I finished book 2 but Vaughn landing on his tight bum was not how I envisioned things.


If you don’t know who this self-proclaimed ‘The Seducer’ or Vaughn is, you must start from the beginning. He’s a highly paid gigolo who seduces women for an exorbitant price. But I’ve had trouble putting him in that category; he’s rather conceited about his high and mighty ‘God in Bed’ status. Oddly enough, I’ve always had a soft spot for gigolos, which is why I’m still not kicking his butt. Apparently, I don’t need to, for Keely is doing it well enough on my behalf. :p

The women Vaughn sleeps with are his ‘cases’, assigned by his clients. The reasons vary but Vaughn doesn’t give a sh!t about that. He only needs to provide his clients with ‘the proof’ that he has done his job. So far, he hasn’t failed once… until Keely Fawes. Someone hired him to shag her, which Vaughn would’ve done quite happily. But things haven’t been progressing the way he had planned, because since the moment he laid his eyes on her, Vaughn’s world tilted quite a bit.

Keely, an orphan, working now as a paralegal, knew Vaughn would be trouble. She has tried her best to avoid that sort all her life. But when Vaughn is determined he’s a forced to reckon with. Keely didn’t even stand a chance. To make matters bizarre, she inherits a big fortune from a recently deceased client from the law farm she was working at that time. Everything falls on her lap, just like that. With that, her world also tilts quite a bit. On one side, Vaughn’s sensual assaults, on the other, the inheritance.

As she and Vaughn finally come together, Keely decides to open up to him. But Vaughn is a closed book, and he intends to keep it that way, for the reason why he’s what he’s today... well, Vaughn doesn’t even wanna go in there. Lust is all good. Lust is what he feeds on. But love? That, he stays far away from. But can he resist Keely’s beguiling charm, now that he’s tasted her passion?

It’s then, when Vaughn learns of Keely’s inheritance and her unexpected relationship with the client in question, his plans change. Now he’s motivated by revenge and his only target just might be Keely. The only woman he craves like he has never craved anyone before...

Storywise, there wasn’t much in The Seduction 3. You get an idea of what has been happening throughout but it starts right off where book 2 ended. Keely is doing whatever she could to cope with her new status as a CEO and to fend off the people who have been threatening her inheritance and new position in life. With Vaughn by her side, she thought she can do it all. Though it was questionable how she just assumed the post when she had no prior experiences of handling anything this proportion, I let it go cause Vaughn distracted me... umm, I mean Keely for a while, in a party... on a secret alcove of the balcony... Mmmm, that was good.

After that, things begin to unravel in a way I wasn’t quite expecting. It felt rushed and too convenient. But I should’ve expected things to be revealed because this is a novella. One of the jerks who has been after Keely and threatened her before reveals Vaughn’s true identity to her in the nastiest way possible, breaking Keely’s heart into pieces, which is where our Seducer falls on his a$$ as she kicks him out. I wasn’t laughing, seriously, cause I was in shock from Vaughn’s sudden, albeit late, thoughts on what he’s about to lose.

Then, before I could even recover, something happens and et voila! Another cliffhanger ending. Ugh. It’s not even funny anymore.

I’m glad that the next installment will be the last. If it stretches anymore, the series will lose its appeal to me. 4 stars, just because I like dirty talk. *heehee*