Indecent: The Moray Druids #2 (Highland Historical) - Kerrigan Byrne

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Indecent, The Moray Druids book 2, too, features a sexy berserker hero, Niall and another druid princess, Kenna of the De Moray family. This was also of the funniest installments of Kerrigan’s Highland Historical novellas that I’ve read so far. The combination, for me, was a complete page turner!

In book 1, Insolent, we’re introduced to the De Moray family, one of the most ancient family of Druids and Witches in the Highlands. Right now, there are only 3 surviving members who are fighting an insane battle to save the world from a coming apocalypse. Malcolm is the King, whose power lies in the element of earth. His sister, Morgana, the h of book 1, wields the power of water. Kenna, their cousin, can manipulate fire. An ancient tome called the Grimoire is what they’re trying to hide from an evil trio, the Wyrd Sisters. These three were once a part of the De Moray family but have gone astray when they surrendered to the dark and evil magic to enhance their powers. Now they seek the Grimoire, which holds the secrets of the universe; everything that you can think of, to use it to bring about said apocalypse and ultimately, to rule the world.

When Morgana met Bael, he was fighting to die, ending a long, miserable and unwanted existence as a berserker. Morgana was certainly not looking to be mated or falling in love. But while saving herself from a band of marauding Vikings, she came across Bael’s badly battered body. She heals him and instantly, his beast decides who it wants and for what purpose. When all was said and done and they’re mated for good, the world was still at danger from the Wyrd Sisters. Kenna and Bael have already ‘met’ the sisters and fought to save themselves from their evil magic. With Malcolm’s help, they even fend off an attack on their keep. When it’s revealed that Kenna has the book and is protecting it from somewhere unknown, we’re left to contemplate of what was to come next.

I liked that story quite a lot, especially Kenna and Bael’s instant attraction and communication that, to me, never once felt out of place.

I was eagerly waiting for Indecent, which turned out to be Kenna’s book. But first, we’re introduced to the H, Niall. A berserker born to a very noble family, Niall has had the upbringing an exact opposite to that of Bael’s. Yet, he isn’t any less lethal and predatory than him. When he and his rowdy band of Vikings decide to invade a nearby abbey for gold and such, he had no idea of the scenery waiting for him there; a dreamy vision of a pair of generous breasts. Yup, that’s what caught his attentions right on the spot. :p I already knew that I was going to enjoy this a lot.

Then there was Ingmar, one of Niall’s men. I’ll leave you to find out about him, but ye Gods, he was a joker!

The second thing Niall notices was that the girl with the pair of breast that made him so hard was being punished by the Mother Superior. Apparently, they think she’s a witch and needs to be whipped to save her soul. Niall is enraged to see her treated this way. The blood on her wounded body does the job though. His berserker beast is out and it decides that it has found its mate. Oh boy!

For Kenna, the punishment wasn’t that bad for she knew the nuns to be rather ignorant, not having much idea of her inherent power. But when this huge (and good-looking) Viking, looking all angry on her behalf, fills her vision, Kenna knew she’s in trouble. Then when, his berserker beast snaps her right from where she was bound, from in front of all the nuns who were staring agape and takes her to her room without any directions to mate, Kenna also understood that she needs to use this to her convenience. Because, for Kenna, sex means power. The vitality of a man’s body can enrich her own, leaving her stronger than ever. This man exudes so much potency that she figures the only way she can help heal her wounds and do something about the mess around her is by having sex with him.

Oh well, I wasn’t unhappy per say but I thought it was way too early for any such intimacy. And it leaves Niall undoubtedly mated to Kenna, though she is very reluctant to accept him at first. The reason behind it surfaces soon enough when Malcolm ‘drops by’ (or rather Kenna sees him through the fire) to update her about Morgana and Bael and to learn of the state of the Grimoire at the moment. He’s also exasperated, and a little disgusted, that the hated berserkers are taking over his family, f... er, mating with the females left and right. What is the world is coming down to, seriesly? Malcolm is annoyed as hell, yet when the time comes and every help is needed for their cause, Malcolm is shrewd enough to know that they can do a lot with the combined power of two mated berserkers.

After Niall comes to learn of what is to come, he decides he’d do whatever it takes, and gladly, to claim Kenna as his, so that she accepts him as her mate.

When finally, the Wyrd Sisters pay a ‘visit’ to the abbey in search of the book, Kenna is faced with a life threatening situation. On the one hand, she needs to save the Grimoire, yet on the other, Niall’s soul is in danger of being banished. What a druid princess, who was given the sacred task of guarding the Grimoire with her life, would do in this situation? Read and find out!

I was quite ecstatic when Morgana and Bael later join the party alongside Malcolm. And though the apocalypse had not yet been averted, Kenna and Niall come to terms with their fate quite happily, love blossoming after what they’ve been through together in such a short span of time.

Ingmar was there too and as crazy and conceited as he is, I kept wondering, would he be given his own story? That is something I’d love to read!

Now I’m looking forward to Malcolm’s book, Incarnate, which will definitely stage the big showdown... or so I’m hoping for. 4.25 stars and recommended!