The Seduction 4

The Seduction 4 - Roxy Sloane

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...


Just finished The Seduction 4, the last installment of The Seduction series by Roxy Sloane. What can I say? It was enjoyable but nothing special.

The self-proclaimed “Seducer”, who used to seduce women in exchange of big amount of cash, was given an assignment of spinning his magical God-in-Bed mana on Keely, a reserved, less experienced girl by ‘someone’. Vaughn went in because he thought Keely was attractive enough (not to mention the money), not having a clue that this time, his perfect record of conquering every conquest is going to crash. From the first moment, Keely shook his world as bad as he did hers.

When they finally come together after Keely fending off Vaughn’s sexy advances for sanity’s sake, it was explosive. Then she suddenly inherits a huge legacy from someone called Ashcroft, a recently deceased guy, who also turns out to be her biological father. Threats start pouring in. Her step-brother becomes a major troublemaker as instead of him, Keely was made to be the CEO of Ashcroft’s big company. No happy family reunion there!

Being with Vaughn made Keely happy. She feels sexy and confident but she had no idea that Vaughn was hired to do exactly what they’ve been doing for sometimes now. Then again, she never stood a chance cause Vaughn is a force to reckon with when he’s determined to  have his way. :p Only this time, Vaughn’s own plans about Keely have changed for good because she has awaken his long-buried cold and dead heart with new vigor. Ooh la-la!

When they’re together in it to figure out who’s threatening Keely and how Vaughn’s own past is related to all this, the poor girl is swamped with the dirty truth of Vaughn’s lifestyle... and how they came to meet in the first place. The betrayal shakes Keely to the core and she dumps Vaughn... at least for a while. But we all know he’d return and win back what he has come to call his own. There’s no turning back for Vaughn and he won’t let her turn away from him either.

The last installment deals with the loose ends of the story. There are revelations, new villains, some monkey sex... er, I mean Keely and Vaughn’s sexy time, not literally about monkeys and dirty talk. *heehee* Still hot but a bit anti-climatic and kinda predictable for my liking. There’s one thing that bugged me happened somewhere around page 60. I didn’t like it that much, thank God Vaughn didn’t let it go any further than that! Eek!!

Anyway, I’m glad I read it because I wanted to see how things end. Naturally.


There’s a very short, hot and free epilogue too. While reading, I wished it was included in here, rather than shared separately on the author’s facebook page. But I had a feeling that spinoffs are coming. ;) 3.5 stars.