The Professional Part 1

The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

‘Oh my’ was all I could think after finishing Kresley Cole’s The Professional Part 1. Not a big fan of serial novels, but I already grabbed the parts before it was released as a whole novel, so I’m glad that I don’t have to wait for the next release while biting my fingernails. I sure wouldn’t be a happy camper if I had to!

This would be my first (*gasp*)... yes, first Kresley Cole book. I haven’t read her most popular Paranormal series. But erotica is much more up my alley, so I decided to give it a try and I’m really glad that I did.

Natalie Porter, an orphaned and hardworking PhD student, had been looking for her birth parents when things start to go crazy for her. The investigator she hired suddenly stops communicating with her. Frustrated, when she goes to a bar to loosen up, Natalie’s friends start joking about her still virginal state, something that, according to them, needs to be remedied ASAP. It’s not that Natalie is not interested in sex, but she’s more into something serious than one-night-nonsense hookups. She’s just not so easily moved by the bullsh*t of men to get into a woman’s pants.

But then, in walks the sexiest man alive; a roughly handsome man, who screams ‘stay away, I’m bad!’ all over. This time, Natalie’s ‘manalyzer’ goes haywire, unable to assess this man at all. She even gives into the idea of approaching this guy, hot sex in mind. One look at his golden eyes and wicked tattoos, and ooh-lala, Natalie is a goner. When the hot dude in question starts replying to her ‘hi’, Natalie hears heavy accent... of her motherland. At least, where her birth parents are from; Russia. Natalie has also learned Russian, in hopes that someday she’ll be there to meet her them.

When she tries to flirt with him, the guy calls her pet names and asks her to stay away from him. At one point, suddenly, he just up and leaves, as if he’s been burned by her open, welcoming looks and soft touch!

Natalie is a bit embarrassed and returns to her friends, who give her a ribbing after that. She heads home, unable to forget the stranger. Of all the men she has met in Nebraska and here at the university, this guy had to be the one make her stupid with lust?! So much so that she ends up... er, pleasuring herself in the bathtub, only to find that in her lust-hazed mind, she has conjured up the man in question.

And he looks so real!

Wait a min, he IS real. Whadda...??

Things start rushing from there and Natalie finds herself in a whole new stage of her life. The man, Aleksandr Sevastyan, has apparently been send by her birth father, the billionaire mafiya, Kovalev. At least that was Natalie’s impression from what she could get from a stoic Sevastyan’s sexy mouth. According to him, she needs to leave NOW, with him... NOW means in 5 mins. and not a second more. True to his promise, when she makes demands to know some real answers to this insanity and starts ‘wasting time’, he kidnaps Natalie... His way. :p

Unfortunately, you can’t make Sevastyan to do anything unless he wishes to, so no answers to her queries were coming forth. Sevastyan has an iron control but Natalie at that point was yet to discover just how much power she possessed where he was concerned...

Natalie’s time in Russia starts off with a bang. Meeting her real father was a great moment for her cause he’s nothing like what she’s expected him to be. Though Kovalev is a vor to his own band of armed forces and dirty rich, he’s a good man at heart. And he’ll do anything to safeguard what’s his, most especially his long lost daughter now that he has found her. Aleksei is his best weapon as of yet, so it was no wonder he gave him the responsibility to bring Natalie back. Alert, devoted and very capable of completing his ‘duties’, which includes many things we better not know of, Aleksei has been like a son to Kovalev.

Natalie is plied with gifts and luxurious materials, given plush apartments; accessories a girl can only dream of. But between her and the Siberian (Sevastyan’s nickname), things don’t mesh. They’re so-hot together, the chemistry is off the charts, yet the exasperating man won’t ‘give into’ her wishes. After a few hot fondlings, Natalie finally discovers, to her surprise and exhilaration that the only thing that can actually make Sevastyan lose his iron control is herself! She’d LOVE to use it on him, oh-so-much... and when she does, he promises retribution.

His way.

But the question is, can she handle it and give into his ‘dark and deep’ desires too? When the challenge is thrown like that, all Natalie can do is to pick up the gauntlet and wait for the Siberian’s next move.

And for that, I have to now go and read Part 2.

4.5 stars. Absolutely LOVED their chemistry, can’t wait to see what happens next and see... erm, read Siberian ‘in action’!!! *wink*

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