Woe is Me

EDIT (again): Requested thru Edelweiss on Aug 18th. Declined: Aug 20th (with that same condescending msg attached).

Not surprised at all.



I'm so tempted to request Elizabeth Hoyt's Darling Beast from NG. I'm a huge fan and though I'm seeing no territory flags, I'm not sure the publisher would be amenable. They haven't been that friendly to me before, these days I don't request from them at all. I'm not willing to risk a 'decline' cause it's going to hurt, seriously.


Why am I even writing this down? Oh well, October seems so far away............ so so far away and my life has a lot going on for the past year and a half. I don't wanna miss the chance of reading it when it's out. Or not enjoy while I'm at it.


I sure hope not!


EDIT: I see Darling Beast is now on edelweiss too... oh well.